The Art of Colonialism: We Must Learn From the Chinaman’s Stratagems

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2019

Colonialism is a long-lost art in the West.

We don’t know how its done anymore. 

Furthermore, we don’t know how to adapt it to the modern world.

Luckily, the Chinese do know how to do it, and they literally don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks.

Global Construction Review:

Alarm flared in Kenya before Christmas at the prospect of a Chinese “takeover” of the country’s main port of Mombasa after a letter purportedly from Kenya’s auditor-general warned that China could seize the assets of the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) if terms of China’s loan for a new railway were not met.

Senators, public figures and the general public decried the “sellout” allegedly perpetrated by the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta, even as the auditor-general’s office and the Chinese foreign ministry denied the claim.

In unison, newspapers drew a comparison to Sri Lanka’s signing its port of Hambantota over to China for 99 years in December 2017, after the country struggled to repay Chinese loans for infrastructure projects.

Kenya owes China $2.27bn (227 billion Kenyan shillings) for the historic standard gauge railway between Nairobi and Mombasa, which opened in May 2017, newspapers said.

The letter goes on: “The China Exim bank would become a principle in over KPA if KRC [Kenya Railways Corporation] defaults in its obligations and China Exim bank exercise power over the escrow account security.”

It warns that KPA’s assets would not be protected against any proceedings by the bank because the government waived sovereign immunity in the loan agreement.


Absolutely genius. 

How has not one single enterprising Neon-Righter not realized the potential of this scheme?

I call it… wait for it… drum roll, please… Nigger Loans. 

The concept is simple

  • Step 1: Loan Africans money
  • Step 2: Demand valuable collateral like ports or diamond mines
  • Step 3: Make the loan super-enticing – a total steal! 
  • Step 4: Watch them fail to pay back the loan no matter how hard they try
  • Step 5: Realize that this is because they’re niggers
  • Step 6: Toss your head back and cackle at how smoothly the plan is coming together

  • Step 7: Collect the valuable collateral that the niggers staked up to get the loan
  • Step 8: ???
  • Step 9: Profit

I wish I had come up with this plan myself. But the Chinamen beat me to the punch. And, well, the IMF beat them to the punch 5 decades ago as well…

This guy did a good job explaining the whole system of predatory international loaning to 3rd World countries. 

This is how it’s done nowadays, fam. 

We need to get together and set up an African Loan Shark business ASAP.

I want to own some African village by the end of 2019. Set myself up as the chief. Start laying down the law, Kony/Kurtz style. Have them worship me as a god. And all on a budget.

If I could get on GoFundMe, I think I’d just launch a drive to raise $800 to take over an African village somewhere.

It’s probably best that the Jews won’t let me.

I’m not sure I want to go down that dark road just yet. 

Predatory loans though. Yes. Let’s get on that.