Texas: Sanctuary Cities Face Double-Barreled Opposition

Daily Stormer
January 27, 2017

Deportation Force – Texas Style!

The communist faggots who are the majority of voters in Travis County, Texas, whose county seat is what we in the rest of Texas refer to as “The People’s Republic of Austin” thought they would do an end-around on Glorious Leader’s plan to Make America Great Again by electing an ugly feminist skag who married a fat beaner garden gnome.

It doesn’t look like this plan will work, either.

Houston Chronicle:

Gov. Greg Abbott threatened Monday to cut law enforcement funding from the Travis County Sheriff’s Office after its sheriff said she would no longer detain all immigrants who are otherwise free to go simply so that federal authorities can deport them.

The showdown is likely to spur action by the Republican-controlled Legislature to pass a tougher state law to prohibit, even harshly penalize, so-called sanctuary cities in Texas, an issue that was already a priority in the state Senate.

Now it’s getting even worse for this anti-White, race mixing gutter skank. Abbott has been roused to brig legislation to remove her over-sized posterior from office if she doesn’t get some act-right in her life!

“…if she doesn’t, we’ll remove her from office.”

-Governor Greg Abbott


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is escalating a standoff with Austin’s sheriff over so-called “sanctuary cities” policies and now says he will seek new laws to remove her from office.

Abbott said Tuesday on “Fox and Friends” that Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez will lose her job unless she reverses plans to stop honoring all federal immigration detainers in her jail starting in February. The governor has already said he will immediately withhold state grant dollars.

“We’re going to crack down on this and ban sanctuary cities in Texas,” said Abbott in the Fox News interview.

Insane whore and Travis County Sheriffess Sally Hernandez poses with her lawn decoration…I mean, her husband.

What were you limp-wristed leftists thinking? Did you really believe that PMS and Taco Fever would save you from the rising American Reich?

Well, you were wrong.

There is a new sheriff in town and his name is not Hernandez. His name is Trump and he is making sure that his deputy Greg Abbott is free to Make Texas Great Again! This means that the White Texan will resume his rightful place at the vanguard of Taco Removalists.

Things are just getting better and better.

I’ve gotta go deport wetbacks, I’ve got Texas in my soul!!

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  1. Beaners and shitskins out! :rage:

  2. This is just wrong on so many levels but i will try to stick to three main points here

    Wetback Sheriff=LOL
    Woman Sheriff=Double LOL

    Woman wetback Sheriff=LMAO with some RAD KEKS thrown in there for good measure

    WTF TEXAS???

  3. "My Grandfather recieved this medal and bar with a certifacate for killing mexicans in 1916 with the Texas Calvery.Poncho Villa was making border raids and robbing killing alll along the U.S. Mexican border. I am so proud of him!! I am looking at his medal as I type this comment.

  4. It’s not Texas, it’s Austin. As a native Texan, believe me when I say the rest of the state wants to build a wall around Austin and make the Austinites pay for it.

  5. Austin is basically Commiefornia transplanted into the middle of Texas.

  6. Not to go off topic but compare these two photos of yesterday and today’s law enforcement and tell me our food and qualifications for law enforcement aren’t poisoned by the jew.

  7. Austin is full of communists, Houston is full of niggers, Dallas is full of fags and the whole goddamn place is infested with Mexicans top to bottom. Good luck to Greg Abbott and the decent citizens of the Republic of Texas.

  8. The time for Operation Wetback II has come.

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