Tennis Ape Serena Williams has “Roid Rage” Meltdown and Blames “Sexism” for Loss at US Open Finals!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2018

Serena Williams went into a full blown “roid rage” meltdown during her loss at the US Open final. She claims to have lost because of an “anti-womyns” conspiracy.

Saturday was the final “womyn’s” match of the annual US Open tennis tournament. The match pitted the muscle-bound ape Serena Williams against Naomi Osaka a much younger mixed-race (blasian) Japanese opponent.

Normally, such a match would not be worth commenting on. After all, this is not a sports site and it is doubtful that many readers give a shit about the particulars of what goes on in the world of “womyn’s” tennis. However, sports is still a significant part of our culture and what happened during this match is a cultural phenomenon definitely worthy of discussion. Especially considering the insane “roid rage” meltdown Williams had during the match.

As many of you know, the success of Williams has less to do with her talent and more to do with the fact that she is a regular user of performance enhancing drugs. A hack of the World Anti-Doping Agency revealed that she and her sister Venus were given exemptions to use banned substances. She even hid in a panic room to avoid a drug tester that came to her house. Plus, if we just look at her physique, it is clear that she has a body type that you can’t get by simply lifting weights at the gym (even with that higher negro testosterone).

Her ascendance to the top of the tennis world has been a massive fraud. Unfortunately, through dishonest methods, she has become such a big brand that nobody wants to upset the apple cart. People are also afraid of being called a “racist” if they raise a fuss about the situation.

Getting into the match itself: Williams was dominated in the first set by Osaka losing 6 games to 2.

Things started going south in the second set when she started barking at the chair umpire over a coaching violation. She then proceeded to break a racket after losing a game prompting her to receive a code violation for racket abuse. This penalized her a point in the next game.

Not happy with this, she started yelling at the chair umpire again about how he owed her an apology, how she wouldn’t cheat because she has a daughter, etc.

She then went on to threaten the chair umpire, calling him a “thief” for which she was given another code violation for verbal abuse. This violation awarded the next game to Osaka.

After this, she demanded to talk to the referee and went into a full blown meltdown crying about how she thought the chair umpire had wronged her. She even tried to play the “womyns” card claiming that men have done similar things and never gotten punished for it during their matches.

It was some of the most insane nonsense imaginable. She was getting beat by a superior opponent and couldn’t deal with it. So instead of acting professionally, she threw a childish temper tantrum blaming the situation on a supposed “anti-womyns” conspiracy theory.

Back in 2009 during a semi-finals match at the US Open, she threatened a line judge when they called her for a foot fault at a key point in the match. She actually said that she was going to take a tennis ball and shove it down the throat of the line judge. Ironically, the exact same two people who dealt with her antics now, dealt with her antics back then.

Everything that I saw in the highlights indicated to me that the chair umpire conducted himself properly. Williams was not wronged in any way. Pathetically, a significant portion of the crowd sided with Williams and booed when the trophies were awarded. Osaka even felt the need to apologize for winning the match considering all of the chaos and insanity Serena had caused.

Editor's Note: Plus being half-gook and only half-ape, she has to apologize to full-apes just for existing. Serena's daughter will some day experience this, too.

She’s a horrible loser. Apparently the 23 grand slam championships she’s won by cheating via the use of performance enhancing drugs was not enough for her. She ruined what would have otherwise been a special moment for Osaka who actually looked up to Williams as her idol growing up.

On top of all that, she wouldn’t even admit that she was being coached despite the fact that her coach stated in a post-match interview that he was coaching from the stands. And when a reporter asked her if she’d do anything different, she started bitching and whining about the chair umpire again. She even went on a tirade about she’s fighting for “woymns” equality as if that had anything to do with her childish behavior.

Comically, Williams is being defended by Jews, blacks and independent “womyns” on Twitter. Just look at some of these insane comments.

These are delusional and stupid people. Apparently Williams’ privileged status as a black female entitles her to engage in whatever insane behavior she wants. Anybody who questions her is automatically against “womyns” or “racist” even when the criticism is fully justified.

If we lived in a sane world, Nike would immediately end the sponsorship agreement they have with her over this. Of course we know they won’t because of her elevated status as a privileged Negroid. Plus, they seem to be marketing their products exclusively to niggers now as evidenced by the ridiculous Colin Kaepernick endorsement deal.

The larger societal question here is why an unhinged and juiced up Negress like Williams has been put on a pedestal for the past two decades. Even after engaging in what was obviously reprehensible behavior, the entire Jewish media complex is defending her and painting the chair umpire as the bad guy for simply doing his job. She could have gone so far as to attack the chair umpire with her racket and they would have still defended her. CNN’s coverage is a good example of this. Some retarded “womyn” sports analyst was rambling on about how the chair umpire wronged her and how he should no longer officiate high profile matches.

All that aside, my view is much different than CNN’s. I believe that Williams should be banned from professional tennis for the rest of her life. She’s a cheating, steroid abusing Negroid who bursts into “roid rage” episodes when things don’t go her way on the court. The fact that she is still a celebrated sports figure is proof of how sick and deranged American society has become.

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