Teflon Don Puts Hag Queen in Her Place During Official UK Visit

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2018

This is funny.

A bunch of people who would normally be yelling “fuck the monarchy” and whinging about how the UK taxpayer is subsidizing the lavish lifestyle of a bunch of unrepentant aristocrats suddenly find it in themselves to take the side of the Queen in her struggle against the God Emperor.


US President Donald Trump failed to impress the British during his visit to the UK, due to both his policies and the way he behaved with the Queen. He broke etiquette several times during his short meeting with the royal.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived at Windsor Castle to meet Queen Elizabeth II on Friday, becoming the fourth US president that the 92-year-old monarch has received at the palace, but the 11th that she has met during her reign.

The encounter got off to a bad start, as Trump failed to greet the Queen properly, omitting to offer a neck bow as required in official guidelines on the royal website. Melania also failed to perform the required “small curtsy.” The two rules are not obligatory, as the etiquette provides that “other people prefer simply to shake hands in the usual way.” However, bowing and curtsying are considered good manners and are usually practiced by officials when meeting the royal family.

This is usually what the leaders of friendly nations do. But the attitude and the welcome that the UK has given the President of the United States is absolutely shocking and loathsome.

Why expect courtesy when you fail to give it yourself?

The hypocrisy is astounding.

Furthermore, there isn’t a person left on Cuck Island worthy of being given any respect. And it’s not like Donald Trump even went overboard with his treatment of the Queen.

Trump isn’t being disrespectful by any reasonable interpretation of the term. No average person looks at this and says, “yeah, this guy went too far.”

They just see a bemused American trying to humor a doddering old lady of some irrelevant Islamic Emirate. And if they look closely, they see a wise and energetic man who actually cares about the future of his country being juxtaposed with yet another European hag hell-bent on killing off her host nation.

I mean, even on a visceral level, what does it say about places like the UK and Germany that they’re run by these witches?

Is it little wonder that these countries are infertile and weak? The symbol and leadership of their country have become crones.

Back in the old days, our ancestors understood the importance of burning witches. They understood the importance of not letting old bitter hags hold positions of power. Because it was seen as an unnatural inverse of natural law.

Just like Mufasa is the Rightful King and Scar is the Shadow King, so too do you have the concept of a woman bringing fertility, bliss and good times…

…and a raving hag signaling calamity.

Both are legit female archetypes that our people have always had to deal with. Your ancestors weren’t dumb. They simply used a different vocabulary to explain the world. One that makes sense, even from a scientific reductionist angle.

We used to recognize things like “witches” – i.e., bitter old hags who have usurped power and had mechanisms for dealing with them.

But now, all that old wisdom is gone. Many countries are ruled by actual witches and they can’t even recognize them. Our ancestors tolerated female rulers, but they would never have tolerated being ruled by the demonically possessed.

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