Teenaper Shoots and Kills White Car Mechanic After Arguing Over Repair Costs

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2019

Isaiah Gholson and Ranada Anthony.

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A 17-year-old and his mother are facing charges after police said the 17-year-old shot and killed a mechanic in an argument over repair costs.

Isaiah Gholson, 17, was charged with murder and four other charges while Ranada Anthony, 39, was charged with failure to report a shooting and two other charges in connection with the Tuesday shooting death of Kerry Charley.

Police said Charley worked on cars out of his home on Prairie Avenue in north St. Louis. On Tuesday, Gholson and Anthony came to the home to get Gholson’s BMW after getting some repairs done.

Police said an argument about the price of the repairs broke out. Gholson and Anthony tried to take the car without paying, but Ghoulson eventually shot and killed Charley, according to charging documents.

Police said Gholson also shot Charley’s girlfriend in the back as she ran away from the home. She survived the shooting, and police said she picked Gholson and Anthony out of photo lineups.

Gholson was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault, failure to report a shooting and two counts of armed criminal action. He was not given bond.

Anthony was charged with third-degree assault, hindering prosecution of a felony and failure to report a shooting. Her bond was set at $25,000, cash only.

Kerry Charley.

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  6. 1579

    June 9, 2019

    Location: St. Louis,MO

    Victim(s): Kerry D. Charley 52

    Attacker(s): Isaiah Gholson 17,Randa Anthony

    Description: Gholson, upset at how much Kerry charged him for repairing his vehicle, attempted to take the vehicle without paying, shooting Kerry when he tried to get the car keys back.

    Archive.is Link(s):
    https://archive.is/SSagp Story on the crime.
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/77qUiAp0EOOP/ Report on the crime.

    https://archive.fo/mboUm Kerry’s obituary.

    https://archive.fo/tXHp0 Kerry’s Gunmemorial page.

    https://archive.fo/2H1kl Charley surname info Ancestry.com.
    https://archive.fo/ilWuK Charley surname info house of names.
    https://archive.fo/j8xrM Charley surname info surname database.

  7. From what I understand used BMW’s are prone to frequent breakdowns and are very expensive to maintain. Blacks like luxury cars and don’t understand that certain luxury cars such as BMW and Audi are just too expensive to keep as used cars. I bet the repair bill on this car was something outrageous and the nig just freaked out.

  8. Well, the article linked in the archives post had a little more info. They didn’t explain the nature of the repairs or the price, but the nog grabbed the keys and got in his car to drive off without paying one thin dime. The mechanic reached in, and the nog shot him dead. That nigger never intended to pay.

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