Teen Girl Pumped with Testosterone Wins Second Texas State Wrestling Title

Daily Stormer
February 26, 2018

So far, the cases where these freaks compete in sports were almost exclusively of men pretending to be women beating real women in competitions.

But I suspect this case is gonna start a new trend – females pretending to be men so that they can take testosterone supplements, and probably other banned substances. This bitch is literally taking the exact same drugs which are classified as “performance enhancing” and totally banned from all sports in any context other than holy sexual dysmorphia.

Daily Caller:

 A Texas, transitioning, teen transgender wrestler won her second state title Saturday, which sparked further concern among parents and competitors over the competition’s fairness.

Fairness died the second you let a doped (and mentally ill) participant join.

Trinity High School senior Mack Beggs won the Texas girls’ Class 6A, 110-pound-division state title for the second consecutive year Saturday, beating Chelsea Sanchez, who she also beat in 2017, to win the title. Beggs entered the state championship with a 32-0 undefeated record.

I’m totally shocked…

BTW, how come these fucking mentally ill freaks can get their hands on this stuff so easily?

I’m not mentally ill, and I seriously doubt I could get testosterone supplements if I wanted to, at least legally.

Beggs is biologically female but started taking hormones when she was 15 years old, prompting many parents and competitors to raise concerns about the fairness of competition because she was competing against female athletes not taking hormones, according to Fox6Now. Beggs’s public criticism began when a female wrestler’s father filed a lawsuit in 2017 in an attempt to prevent Beggs from competing against other girls, alleging her artificially elevated testosterone levels are unfair.

NCAA, USA Wrestling and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency rules classify Beggs as male, however, because she exceeds the range of acceptable testosterone levels for females, according to Fox4 News.

So… This is against the rules, but she’s still doing it?

No law compels Beggs to update her birth certificate; but despite her statements that she wishes to compete against boys, she has not changed her birth certificate so she may do so. University Interscholastic League (UIL) deputy director Jamie Harrison said the League is willing to consider making an exception to competition rules if asked, but UIL has not received a request from the Beggs, according to Fox4 News.

In other words – she claims to be a boy, but still understands that she’s actually a girl and no amount of drugs and surgery is ever gonna make her capable of competing with real boys.

 Beggs’s family has been extremely supportive of her transition and of her simultaneous wrestling activities. “We’re proud of [her] because [she’s] come so far,” Mack’s grandmother, Nancy Beggs, told Fox6Now. “Everything about [her] has changed,” she added.


Grandma’s in on it, and supports this sick shit?

I think I’m starting to understand why people hate boomers…

Sports used to be one of the last truly meritocratic (at least conceptually) activity in the Western world.

People would compete with each other according to specific rules that applied to both sides, and the best side won.

Now even that’s getting fucked…

And you know who you’re supposed to thank for that, right?

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  1. Teep says:

    So she doped but it’s ok because she’s transitioning?

    Sounds legit.

  2. i want to see bulked up boys take a bit of female hormones because they say they are transitioning slam the natural actual females. it would be the perfect cure for feminism.

  3. (((Diversity and tolerance))) what hell hath ye wrought in the minds of children?
    FFS it would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic and it’s parents are proud of it?

  4. This story is equal parts disgusting and hilarious.

    I should just say I’m a girl and become a UFC champion.

  5. Hang on.

    They banned the entire Russian Olympic team for allegedly dabbling in that stuff.

    Oh yeah, I forgot.

    Russia banned gayness.

    If the Ruskies had not banned gayness they could have got away with saying their entire Olympic team were mentally ill tranny perverts and needed performance enhancing drugs to make their dicks grow.

    If anyone questioned them they could have just screamed ‘transphobic’ over and over until the commitee just folded.

    Take notes Mr Putin.

  6. Nothing will wake normies up to how fucked our society has become more than guns and sports. The jews are full steam ahead on both right now, and it’s up to us to send it out there across every platform we can, it’s now or never goy

  7. Where’s a school shooter when you want one ?

  8. What IS IT with FUCKING BOOMERS??!!!

    I’m 49 and even I can’t understand them! They just seem to be a generation of spoiled fucking CROOKS, Hell Bent on SCREWING everyone else!

    I try to understand them sometimes, and I just don’t know what to think of some of the stuff they do anymore.

    I seem to be the generation stuck between the millineal commies and the crooked old people.

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