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French Mental Health Crisis: Attacker Said “I am Here to Die for Allah”

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 19, 2017 We’re reaching levels of mental health problems that shouldn’t even be possible. CNN: A man holding a gun on a French female soldier at Orly Airport shouted, “I am here to die in the name of Allah … There will be deaths,” before two of the soldier’s comrades shot the attacker dead Saturday ...

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Valls Says France Must Remain Open to Illegal Moslem Immigrants

Steve Goode White Genocide Project November 15, 2015 French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has been on Twitter calling for France to keep its borders open to all the African and Arabic illegal immigrants crossing into Europe. Je comprends que les Français puissent avoir peur, mais nous devons ĂŞtre forts et faire face avec nos valeurs. — Manuel Valls (@manuelvalls) November ...

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