Swedish Schoolgirl Gets Gang Raped, Police Refuse to Describe Attackers

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2018

Ah, Sweden.

The nation that gave us Swedish meatballs and Abba.

Though it looks like Swedish meatballs might be Turkish after all.

Abba is still Swedish, however. Did you know that they are reuniting?

You might want to tell your Boomer parents about that.


Police in Sweden seeking three men who ambushed and raped an underage girl on her way home from school do not want to release their descriptions.

The minor was assaulted in a cemetery at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in Östervåla, a locality with a population of just 1,600 in Heby Municipality, Uppsala, SVT reports.

The public broadcaster’s report indicates that “at least” one of the men raped her, and police investigator Daniel Nilsson confirmed the authorities “have a clear picture of what has happened and there is no doubt that the crime occurred inside the cemetery.”

Wew, the gang rape happened in a cemetery. Talk about a double dose of disrespect to the locals and their ancestors.

Then again, most Swedes probably hate those dead cisgender racists even more than the invading Moslems do, so…

Nilsson also confirmed police have a “good description” of the attackers — but say they will not disclose this description to the media while they are pursuing “other threads” despite the fact the offence occurred some days ago and they have yet to secure any arrests.

The Swedish government was one of the most enthusiastic recipients of supposed refugees at the height of the migrant crisis, and anti-mass migration opposition parties such as the Sweden Democrats have blamed this move for an apparent surge in rapes and other sex crimes in the Scandinavian country.

It has been difficult to make any definitive statements about the link between sex attacks and mass migration, however, as the Swedish government has steadfastly refused to disclose any information of the ethnic breakdown of the criminal population.

According to a crime statistics leak from last December, the Swedish police and government don’t appear to record race at all. Instead, they keep their statistics within the boundaries of “foreign born” and “Swedish born.”

Here were the results of that leak:

This data leads people to assume that between 2004 and 2014, 55% of Swedes were sent to prison for crime, 18% of Swedes committed gang rape and 30% of Swedes received nine year prison sentences.

Which is, of course, a load of skitsnack.

There might be some Swedes – actual bork bork bork Swedes – who are currently languishing in five-star prison hotels for committing serious felonies, but not too many, I’d wager. And 18% of them committing gang rape?

Try 0%.

Obviously, these crimes are being committed by Moslems and nogs who were born in Sweden, which means that the Swedish police and government are hiding the fact that their precious ooga-boogas commit almost all serious crimes in Sweden.

The next logical line of thought, then, is: why are they covering it up?

The answer to that question is either going to be “because they want these crimes to keep happening,” or something that ends in “… so they’re willing to let these crimes keep happening to achieve that goal.”

What a disgrace.

Unfortunately, that’s a country run by Jews women for you.

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