Sweden Wants to Ban “Nazi” Runes, Plans to Outlaw Own Heritage

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2019

This is perhaps the most thorough example of a government erasing the recorded history of its own people in recorded history.


The Swedish government is looking into the possibility of forbidding the use of Norse runes, local media has reported, amid concerns that the ancient symbols have been misappropriated by neo-Nazi groups.

Justice Minister Morgan Johansson is currently investigating whether or not runes should be banned in Sweden as a way to deter hate groups, a Swedish website Samhällsnytt reported. His is expected to make a recommendation on the matter by the end of May.

If Johannsson decides to move forward with legislation prohibiting the runes, the ban could potentially encompass all Norse symbols, imagery, and traditional jewelry. 


Just wow.

Rumor is that they’ll also make having the first three seasons of Vikings (before it got intolerably PC) on your hard drive fetch you a life sentence.

There’s too much ancient “Nazi” Scandinavian imagery in it.

All films that depict the Vikings should be banned as well.

Especially the ones that the Nazi government of Vladimir Putin makes.

If this was a move to ban all neo-pagans, I think it will be successful. Take away the runes and the hammers and the jewelry and you will completely destroy that scene.

Furthermore, a lot of people are going to find out that their favorite MMORPG is going to be banned in Sweden as well.

What’s next?

Will they ban the worship of Talos? 

Perhaps the Swedes will finally wake up to the secret Thalmor Occupation Government in their country and rise up in rebellion, demanding that Talos worship be allowed again and that Skyrim be returned to the Nords!

Of course, they won’t ban sand runes, will they?

Only snow runes… for some reason.

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  1. The ultra rational Swedes will need to carry this to its logical conclusion and ban the Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic alphabets because they are all, like Runic, derived from Phoenecian. All phonetic alphabets, even to old Monglian one, are from Phoenician.

    I say we invent a new pictographic writing system that the muds will be too dumb and lazy to ever learn the ten of thousands of symbols it would require.

  2. Cucked Sweden as usual :rofl:
    Cucknada is planing response

    Hail the NRM!

  3. Well, here we go again, looks like Christians still hate pagans more than they should hate Jews. Christianity destroyed European paganism pretty fast, but it’s almost toothless against the kikes.

    For almost two thousand years, Christians had been playing ping-pong with each other (using Jews as a ball), instead of genociding them, long before muh human rights.

  4. No one said that.

  5. WJC CEO, yid, Robert Singer (left), Shabbos, Joe Biden (center), World Jewish Congress President, billionaire yid scumbag Ronald Lauder (right)


    according to: WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS
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    the largest Jew occupation in Scandinavia

    Sweden Prime Minister Poses with Black Who Raped 80-Year-Old Woman


    Swedish Prime Minister Pledges to Curb Neo-Nazis, Protect Jewish Community

    JNS org – Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has laid out a number of practical steps to be taken by his government to curb neo-Nazi activity and demonstrations, as well as to increase protection of the (((local Jewish community))).

    Robert Singer

    CEO and Executive Vice President
    wrote a letter earlier this to Löfven,
    calling for the ban of the NORDIC RESISTANCE
    (((neo-Nazi party)))

    “there must be zero tolerance for such manifestations of evil.”

    Shabbos Dog, Stefan Löfven

    Swedish Prime Minister
    May 18 letter
    to: yid, Robert Singer, WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS

    “Let me reiterate what I said publicly on [May 1]:

    It is a disgrace that the scum of history is rearing its ugly head today again”

    Cucked Sweden’s criminal law already: forbids all (((racist sentiments)))


    [re] the (((threats posed))) by organized groups.”

    to look into “a BAN on (((racist))) organizations and the CRIMINALIZATION of participation in such organizations.”

    Swedish Security Service
    receiving more resources
    “to prevent foreign and (((domestic terrorism)))”

    Swedish Centre for Preventing Violent Extremism
    (((will have greater powers)))


    Obviously, Sweden is cucked and there’s WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS pressure on Sweden.

    However, this is undoubtedly also accompanied by JEWMERICAN SHABBOS pressure on Sweden and Europe.

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  6. Is it because the Swedes are mostly blonde, good looking and are generally nice to everyone that the jews have earmarked them for destruction?

    Do these hidiously looking kikes believe that the Swedish are the Edomites or something?

    Or is it just because they cannot stand beauty in the world?

    Remember they want israel to be “a light unto the world”. So I guess with that in mind they have to make the world a much shittier place in order for israel to even look slightly good.

    Christ, imagine what abominations and depravity the human race would have to lower itself to in order to make these ugly-ass jews look superior? Even niggers have the odd endearing qualities about them but jews have fuck all.

    AI uprising or Alien invasion would be welcome.

  7. That’s probably part of it – toxic semitism and visceral, unreasoning anti-White hatred, with the Swedes seen as some kind of archetype of everything about the indigenous peoples of Europe that the rootless cosmopolitans wish to destroy.

    Sweden was neutral during WW2 – that may be a factor in the jewish hatred of Sweden as well.

    Gotta be something behind it, though. Sweden is not only the most heavily-targeted country in Europe for both non-White invasion and virulent anti-White hate propaganda by the Left – but it’s also targeted by j-right “counterjewhad”-style narratives (Gatestone, Geller, Gates of Vienna, etc.) that often seem to have a gloating quality to them.

  8. They almost did…

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