Sweden: Vibrant Rapes Child, Claims He Did Not Know It was Illegal Because No One Told Him So

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2019

What if he’s telling the truth tho?

As privileged whites, we were all given lessons in high school – with the sock puppets and such – about how raping children was bad and against the law.

But if these unfortunate migrants didn’t have such lessons growing up, how would they even know?


A migrant suspected of raping and sexually abusing a much younger girl claims that he did not know it was illegal in Sweden because no-one had told him.

The suspected sexual abuse took place in April of this year at a family home with the young girl, whose exact age has not been revealed. It is alleged she was forced to have sex with the supposedly 17-year-old migrant, newspaper Lokaltidningen reports.

When questioned, the migrant reportedly admitted that he had sex with the young girl but said that it had not been a crime and was just something that “happened between two children.”

In an Administrative court, it was argued that while the migrant did admit to the crime he was not aware of the laws regarding sexual relations and that no-one in Sweden had taught him what the laws and expected norms were.

The representative argued that the court should not proceed with a prosecution, claiming that the young man had been doing well in school and that his school progress would be harmed if he were to be prosecuted.

The court did not agree with the representative, saying that the migrant may be prosecuted for rape against a child. Investigators also revealed suspicions that the teen may actually be over 20-years-old.

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  1. Race and IQ are totally not correlated tho.

  2. Was that from the swedish news source or just on Briebart?
    Im shocked that they have been letting those suspicions get to print in a few sweden articles ive seen lately.

  3. interesting, if it would have been a kid of the prime minister? also ok?

  4. G-Man says:

    The literal “going to school/church and turning his life around” defense! Sheeeeit! No words.

  5. Question, though: what was the shitskin 20 year old “child” doing in this girl’s apartment ?

    The article does not mention that Ahmed broke into it, so he must have been welcome there, at first.

    Serious lack of parenting and general awareness on display here.

  6. “things that are done between two kids”
    OK. We will try you under the laws of your homeland and apply associated penalties: Off with your dick!

  7. Bon says:

    And, A Swedish judge will agree:

  8. Judge addressing you, in court:

    “Sir! Ignorance of the law is no excuse! Bail denied!”

    Next case, same judge, addressing some shit-skin nigger defendant of some sort:

    “The court has listened to your explanation and finds it reasonable; you are hereby released on your own recognizance … don’t worry, we’ll make sure to return your passport to you too … until your trial commences.”

    Riiight. Like we whites haven’t figured out what the true goals of the (((judicial system))) are.

  9. Parents just need to start [Censored] these scum, I know I would.

  10. I’ve got a bit of de ja vue. Hasn’t something like this already happened? Not that it shocks me or anything.

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