Sweden Telling Islamic Immigrants to Stop Teaching Islam at Islamic Schools

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2018

Your standard Swedish elementary school

Sweden invites in Moslems – replaces 15% of their population with them – and doesn’t even do the French thing of trying to convert them to atheism, then they are shocked and confused when the don’t respect feminism.


Sweden is cracking down on schools that do not support gender equality, according to the country’s education minister. The initiative is part of the government’s overall plan to remove religious influence from schools in general.

Gustav Fridolin said Sunday that he has launched an inquiry into tightening the regulation of independent religious schools, by stopping those who do not support Sweden’s “fundamental values.”

Look, Hans.

Either your values are “diversity and inclusion” AKA “Islam,” or your values are liberal feminism.

Your values are not both of these things.

Schizophrenia cannot be a government policy.

“The regulatory framework will be tightened,” wrote Fridolin for the newspaper, Aftonbladet. “Those who do not support fundamental values around equality and human rights should be stopped from running free schools in Sweden.”

Yeah but see – that statement right there fits your own definition of racism, because you are telling them they can’t practice their religion.

You can’t say “you can keep your religion, you just have to change all the parts we disagree with” – that is completely insane. If you change fundamental parts of a religion, it stops being a religion.

Swedes being atheists aren’t able to comprehend what this means. They genuinely believe a religion is just a bunch of goofy rituals with no real meaning – because it is a part of their own religion of modernism to believe that about religion. So they think they can just tell these people “sure, you can be a Moslem, but you also have to be into feminism and man-on-man anal sex.”

The new regulations will ensure that schools will “actively promote equality” and “allow students to develop their skills and interests independently of gender identity,” wrote Fridolin. The restrictions are expected to impact muslim schools the most.

The minister went on to stress that “no child should be exposed to direct or indirect compulsion to take part in religious activities in any school in Sweden,” even if that school was founded by a religious organization. “And all education should be completely free of religious influence,” Fridolin wrote.

However, the religious restrictions won’t apply to Jewish schools, said Fridolin in a follow-up interview, as “there’s no point in attacking Jewish schools which have existed in Sweden since the 1950s.”


Now that is funny.

Jewish privilege.

Anyway, back to the Moslems – what Sweden is trying to do here is purely driven by psychotic ideological impulse. All rational or factual analysis of the idea of converting Moslems to secularism shows that it is an exercise in futility. Furthermore, all of the data is available to show that the Moslems coming in view their “immigration” as part of a conquest which involves theft, rape and terrorism to the end of Islamizing Europe.

Obviously, a lot of these people are coming there for financial reasons primarily, but these casuals support the conquest agenda even if they’re not willing to aggressively fight for it. They are just waging a numbers war for the time being, filling European countries with bodies of their own guys.

By the way, I just want to insert here: that is what our main agenda in the white movement should be. Getting a bunch of hardcore people on board is important, but where the real power is is in getting a huge mass of people to casually support your agenda – people who are maybe not out there every day, but will be ready to act in support of the agenda when the time comes. That has always been the core goal of the Daily Stormer, which is why I have done my utmost to not get involved in “the movement” as it were. “The movement” is important, but it is a separate thing from building a consensus among the general population.