Sweden: New Consent Laws Might Require Written Permission to Fuck

Daily Stormer
December 22, 2017

Wew… I was kinda worried for a while.

It had been almost a full 24 hours before reading something about Sweden that made me wanna smash my head into a wall…


The government has said the new laws, which will go into effect in July of next year, will require both partners to have explicit verbal or written consent in order to engage in sexual activity, or be open to potential rape charges Die Welt reports.

I’m sure the packs of subhumans roaming around Sweden’s cities will take the girls they gang-rape to the notary first from now on…

“Colonialism and a lack of education due to racism is why this happened.” -Any random kike you ask

Previously Swedish law stated that sexual relations were deemed consensual as long as neither partner said “no” except in cases of extreme intoxication. The new legislation claims to only require oral permission beforehand but many have speculated that in a potential rape allegation it would be wiser to have the permission written down on paper.

Has anyone noticed that the more feminist a country is, the more likely the women there are to get raped, and the less likely the rapists are to suffer any real consequences?

It’s almost like it’s that way by (((design))).

Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven defended the new legislation on Sunday saying, “The message is simple. You need to ask the person you want to have sex about if she wants it. If you are unsure, you have to leave it. Sex must be voluntary.”

Like when your wife is gangbanged by subhumans? Is that what you mean?

Also, how about all those subhumans doing gang-rapes and chucking grenades at each other… Isn’t that more important?

How often do the cucked Swedish men actually do anything even vaguely resembling any kind of aggression to anyone?

The law is said to be inspired by the #MeToo campaign which has seen several prominent media organisations and even the far-left activist group Expo, rocked by sexual misconduct allegations.

“A chosen one in America made some dumb bitch watch him jerk off in a pot plant, therefore Swedes must pay!” –Any random kike

Swedish politicians and the mainstream media have largely agreed on the new law without much in the way of debate. One dissenting voice has been columnist Staffan Heimerson who called the new law a “witch-hunt” and likened it to “Stalin’s purges.” He was fired by newspaper Aftonbladet soon after making his remarks.



Despite the already tough rape and sexual assault laws, Sweden continues to see instances of often brutal rapes including a case earlier this week in which a 17-year-old was reportedly partially lit on fire after being raped.

Ah well, you know what they say:

Besides, that girl was probably racist, so it’s all good.

Some, like lawyer Elisabeth Fritz, have claimed the majority of suspects in rape cases are migrants or come from migrant backgrounds, though the government has refused to release statistics on criminal suspect’s ethnic backgrounds.

And give ammo to the NAZIS!?!?!?!?



On a more serious note, I’d like to thank Sweden for making the rest of us feel better about ourselves… Except for Britain.

Britain is worse

But you Swedecucks are certainly catching up!

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  1. The government of Sweden is treasonous and not sovereign!

    The only true sovereign people are the nationalists

  2. This country is a lost cause at this point. I just want to see the traitors burn

  3. Nuke it nuke it nuke it nuke it nuke it nuke it

  4. Ahmed was probably frustrated because she didn’t fill out her written consent form properly.

  5. Pathetic cuckold actions like this only embolden the sand niggers,but then again are there any white men left in Cuckswedenistan?no only gays and bitches.

  6. CLOWNWORLD INTENSI…Aww fuck it. This has metered well outside that meme into a thus far uncharted realm of stupidity in its rarest form. It seems we are entering into a universe of absurdity never by the likes of even the most degenerate of thinkers could have been envisioned. Yet another ploy to further the lack of whites breeding. The levels of gaslit white people is astounding. This should by all logical rights induce massive street protests and burning this bitch down reactions. This is self-destructive programming at it’s finest. I know there is a white pill here somewhere but tbh fam it’s not easy to divine. Perhaps it will encourage us to stop engaging in rampant single-serving sexual encounters and bring back the culture of monogamous relationships…that would be a good thing…trying to see the positive potential here. In any case, this is clearly jewdicial kikery using their twisted trickery to jew the goyim. Typical Schlomo.

  7. Anime is so god damn gay. Grow the fuck up

  8. Holy shit bro… sarcasm m8

  9. Moslems who rape and kill Swedish women get away with a slap on the wrist, while Swedish men are lucky if they can have consensual sex their women without getting thrown in prison.

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