European “No-Go Zones” are in Fact Foreign Colonies, And Should be Called That

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2017

I’m sure it will all work out.

After all, they’re exactly like us except for the color of their skin.

As a matter of pure scientific Jewish fact, the singular difference between us and them is the pigmentation of their skin.

A leaked report by Swedish Police says the number of vulnerable zones in the country has jumped to 23. The areas often described in Swedish media as ‘no-go zones’ have sprung up across the country. The report says that the parallel social structure has emerged in those areas with police facing difficulties carrying out their duties there.

The actual term here is “colony.”

I mean, that would be the normal and correct word to use to describe this situation.

You could say that it is a “reverse colony,” but that wouldn’t really be correct. A colony is a colony. It sounds like “reverse racism,” which implies that non-whites hate whites because whites hated them first. That isn’t the case. Nor is it the case that we are being colonized because we colonized them first.

However, most of the dynamics are reversed.

Excluding in what is now the United States – where the Anglos were just like “nah mayne, fugg it, we gonna git dees muffugguhs out da way” – white colonies actually brought what could appropriately be called “cultural enrichment” to nonwhite countries.

We brought them technologies and social structures which benefited them.

Some former colonies, when given back to the natives, have retained what whites gave them.

Hong Kong is a good example.

The Chinese are of course going to be an exception, given their high IQ.

But even lower IQ people have managed to maintain civilization, to varying degrees.

Jakarta isn’t doing too badly.

This city was built from the Dutch colonial town of Batavia – which was a “no-go zone” for natives, mind you (save for young native women, to be sure – same as the modern European no-go zones). Definitely a “parallel social structure.” That’s for sure.

If it were not for colonialism, Jakarta would still look like this:

The places where colonialism didn’t work out were places like Africa, where the natives just weren’t smart enough to run anything and so they only used the most basic technologies, which allowed their population explode, but did not allow for the population to be managed, leading to poverty.

Though history now portrays the colonization era as some kind of “exploitation,” it was in fact largely driven by a desire to help brown people. The church was very into this idea – “civilizing the savages.” It was basically the exact same concept, down to the letter, of modern UN aid programs to the third world. You could actually take the documents produced by the Church from that time period and switch out a few terms and it would read like the charter of UNESCO.

Some day, when I write a book, I’m going to write a chapter on this.

The search for gold and spice trade and so on was a small part of it, relatively.

A bigger part of it that didn’t have to do with priestly good will was the desire of the various European nations – Britain, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands, mainly (Russia and Turkey colonized their neighbors, rather than using boats, but it was part of the same process of empire building) – to control as much territory as possible.

Wikipedia has an index of world maps showing who controlled what from 1492 to the end of colonization post-WWII, which you may find interesting.

This is 1898, for example:

This is very similar to the post-WWII global influence campaigns between the US and Russia.

Any adult with any ability at all to think and process information is aware that this process is still going on right now, between Russia and the US. That is what all of these global conflicts amount to.

In the Ukraine in 2014, you saw US-backed guerrilla forces overthrow a Russia-aligned government. That is the same basic dynamic in the Syrian war.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Duterte is attempting to shift his alignment from the US toward Russia and China. Many European nationalist parties wish to do this as well.

The UN, with their aid programs, ships goods to countries in exchange for support, while Russia gives loans and arms deals to countries they support.

A third factor in colonialism, which was a driving force to be sure, particularly for the Spanish and the Dutch, was the desire of men to have easy sex with native women. That is the main way they convinced these young guys to get on these disease-ridden boats and travel across the world to live in disease-ridden jungles. Of course, the native women were very excited about this, not simply because they were wanting a light-skinned baby, but because these white men were the conquerors. And all women want to bed the conquerors.

One can even imagine that Indio and Asian women were holding their men back from going to war with the white colonizers, saying “no, please, don’t make trouble with them, let’s just all get along.”

So that is one dynamic which is the same between old white colonialism and this new brown colonialism.

The Weirdness

The weirdness is that there is an element in the modern dynamic which does not have to do with groups struggling for power. That still exists, obviously, as we see between the US and Russia.

But there is a new element, where white people actually have a desire to be colonized by a people that is not bringing them anything of value, but is in fact taking from them.

It does not make any sense in any historical context for any people to do things that are clearly against their own interests. As stated, white colonization was in the interests of native peoples, and they were very often very happy with the arrangements made with their white overlords. In other cases, they were simply overpowered, and as stated, were probably urged by their women to concede.

No people on historical record has ever done something against their own group interests for the explicit purpose of providing wealth, women and territory to a foreign group.

This is an entirely new concept, which emerged post-WWII among whites.

And at the core of it is the Holocaust narrative.

Jewish intellectuals created an ideology of self-hatred and sold it to white men. They then “empowered” women to take control of society, and let their sexual instincts run wild.

The Weirdest

The weirdest aspect of all is that there is still a global power struggle going on with Russia, at the same time as the West is deleting itself.

This is fascinating, if you take a step back.

At the same time that the West is fighting a war with Russia over control of Syria, they are bringing Syrians into their own countries to take their territory from them.

They won the Cold War, and gained control of almost all of Eastern Europe, and now they are fighting a battle with these nations to give them over to a third party.

Ultimately, up until WWII, you had a natural dynamic going on: groups fighting each other for control.

Now, we still have that, but there is this wild card element the Jews have inserted, which is meant to destroy everything.

No other group is engaging in this behavior.

Erdogan is attempting to conquer Europe.

Mexicans are invading the United States.

Africans have taken over South Africa.

Russians aren’t trying to help anyone for the sake of niceness against their own interests.

Russia is an ally of Syria, and they aren’t taking their refugees. (To be fair, the country’s leader, Assad, is telling people to stop leaving, to stay and fight for their country, while ISIS is encouraging them to go to Europe).

Meanwhile, the Chinese are conquering the globe through mercantilism.

Speaking of Chinese mercantalism – the entire global warming hoaxteria is another outlet of white self-hatred. No one actually believes it makes logical environmental sense to give over billions of dollars to a country we are trillions of dollars in debt to in order to stop them from producing carbon dioxide.

The Jews are at the root of all of this, and that is very important to understand. Very, very important. But it isn’t the most important thing to understand. The most important thing to understand is that the Jews are not actually doing any of this, they are manipulating us into doing it for them through a process of systematic psychological abuse.

All that it takes for us to make this stop is for us to stand-up and say “no.”