Sweden: Government Services Attempt to Redistribute Russian Man’s Children To Moslems

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2019

This just came out in the Polish press. In fact, it’s blowing up over there.

Bear with the Google Translate, because the story is worth it.


Dramatic situation of the Russian family in Sweden. The local social services took three children from the family and placed them in a Muslim foster family. Desperate father took the attempt to kidnap children to Russia, starting his way from crossing the ferry to Poland. Implementation of the plan, however, failed, the fate of the three girls is to decide the court in Warsaw. The hearing was scheduled for 12. The Russian is represented by the lawyer from Ordo Iuris Bartosz Lewandowski, who presented the entire case to the wPolityce.pl portal.

“All three girls are citizens of only the Russian Federation. They lived with their parents in Sweden, when we had these children revealed paranoid schizophrenia, which was the reason for taking these children away from social services and transferring them to a Muslim family. The father was not deprived of parental authority, but he could meet children only once a week for 6 hours.”

Here let me step in and explain, the translation is choppy, but my Polish isn’t so bad.

So basically, a Russian moved to Sweden and ended up doing manual labor as a roofer. His wife developed paranoid schizophrenia while they were there which is just a ridiculous diagnosis.

Just try and find me a Slav – let alone a Russian – who isn’t paranoid AF. 

I’m not mocking this woman. I empathize with her and find the whole situation to be ghastly. As a fellow paranoid man myself, (but not a schizophrenic) I figure that it’s only a matter of time before they start putting political dissidents in psych wards in the West.

In my opinion, if you’re not paranoid while living in the West, you’ve got your head in the sand.

Because literally, everybody and everything is out to get you.

In the past, people have been sent to psych wards for suspecting the powers that be of far less than what they’re actually getting away with now. Nowadays, they are literally trying to brainwash you and your kids, trying to convince you to chop off your dick, trying to get you on mind-bending psychotropic drugs or shit that messes with your hormonal system.

This is really real, but it’s not even the worst thing that’s going on.

They’re trying to resettle Moslems into your neighborhood so that they can form rape gangs and deal drugs. If you notice any of this stuff and object, you’re branded a lunatic or a dangerous thought terrorist. And now, apparently, they think it’s OK to hand over White children to some random Moslem foster parent who unlike every other brown person, displays empathy for other races.

Yeah right.

It was more likely than not a state-subsidized rape den. 

That’s what the whole country is, so why should we expect any better from their foster care services?

Knowing how reasonably paranoid the average Slav is by nature, it was only a matter of time before the Ikeans did their whole, *tsk tsk* thing and threw this poor woman in an institute and put her on psychotropic drugs while they LITERALLY TOOK HER KIDS AWAY AND GAVE THEM TO MOSLEMS.

Kind of sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it?

Opening scene as the family moves to a new house in Sweden.

The wife is all like, “Vlad, I have a bad feeling about this place…”

Vlad brushes it aside, “Don’t vorry, hun. We vill vork for von more year and then ve go home. Iz ok.”

Then bam. The horror. The absolute horror.

Here’s more Google Translate.

My father tried to get the children back.

“He wrote the conclusions that the children would return to him, while the Swedes’ argument was still the same – that he is in Sweden under the legalization procedure and is without a regular source of income (he works as a roofer).”

So the Swedish government denied him his children on account of him not being a citizen… which I’m sure they do to all the migrants’ children, right?

In the end, my father decided to take a desperate step and tried to take the children to Russia. The journey began with a ferry crossing to Poland. However, the Muslim family managed to report the missing girls and they were entered into the SIS system, as a result of which they were identified by the Polish border guards as sought-after. They were transported to the airport at Okęcie.

The cherry on top: the Moslem rang the alarm bell on this guy’s escape attempt.

Despite the craziness of this story, you better believe that I’m laffin’… and raging.

The official motto of Sweden: Welcome to Sweden! You can come here… but you can never leave. 

Why not, like, let the guy leave? He’s not even a citizen of Sweden. He’s a Russian citizen. Why did Sweden issue an EU arrest warrant? Just let the man go. Why does the Swedish government insist that this Russian’s kids be handed over to some random Moslem?

Why do these people go out of their way to be so depraved?

Fucking hell. I hope this starts a war. Poland needs to invade. Or Russia. Anybody really. Get rid of this accursed country.

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  1. If this doesn’t start an international incident, I’ll be very depressed and dissatisfied with Russian foreign policy. They already let the west walk all over them internationally, this is too horrific of an abuse of Russian citizens to be ignored.

  2. It would have been better if he’d massacred the moslems and burnt their house down, to buy him time. In minecraft, of course.

    A father has to do what he needs to do to ensure the safety of his children, and cannot be held criminally culpable for anything he does. Nothing is illegal when the well being of your children is under threat. Common law in America has traditionally reflected this. Like that guy who blew away his son’s abductor/rapist at an airport and only got probation:

    Or the Texas father who beat to death the Mexican ranch-hand he caught raping his daughter and was cleared of any charges by a grand jury.

  3. In a perfect world Putng would lob a dud nuke at Stockholm and give a firey speech to thousands of Slavs; and there would Pan-Slavist marches through every Slavic Capital on earth demanding the release of this mans children from these Moslems freaks.


  4. This is partly of course because Swedenstan is a bay shit crazy country but I would say this is all part of the planned goading of Russia.

    Don’t forget Sweden is continuously saying Russia will invade them. It’s like Poland 1939. They are attempting to draw Putin into a conflict that will be used as an excuse for war.

    With this incident Putin should call their bluff and make this an international incident that will expose the faggotry. A sensible leader would. Over to you Vlad.

  5. larr says:

    I don’t get it, why did the swedeZOG take the kids away if the father was still around?

  6. Because the catladies who run the bureaucracy are drunk with power. Why wouldn’t they take his children away? It’s just a digital tick in a digital box. One mouse click and back to playing solitaire.

  7. UPDATED!!!
    Polish court took the side of the Russian father!!!
    My huge respect to the Poles. we are not your enemies, despite what your idiotic politicians say

  8. Jesus fucking Christ I hate Sweden so much. It should be considered a terrorist supporting country like Saudi Arabia and bombed into dust. The people there are fucking worthless. The worst and weakest of the white race. They need culling.

  9. hnHW says:

    That is very true. I have visited Germany for a few days on business purpose. When I had to open my notebook I was very paranoid not to enter the title of the places I regularly visit. I have also deleted all my history beforehand (even though I visit the really controversial things on Tor only) and put the downloaded Fasch music on a Pendrive left at home.

    I was also paranoid not to accidentally make a holocaust joke or even show a disgusted feeling on my face. It was even harder because a city visit was organized and the ReiseFührer had a really long talk about the synagogue. My head was full of crimethink and I was really afraid that they read my thoughts.

    Yes, people are paranoid in the West now.

    I really hope this poor guy can evade his family from this hell and live a happy life back in Russia! I am rooting for him!

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