Sweden: Afghan Youth Arrested for Murdering 69-Year-Old Swedish Asylum Activist

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 30, 2019

Swedish women of all ages can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet vibrancy.

Nothing wrong with this.

This is just how Moslems say “thank you” to a traitor who helped them invade the West.

Fria Tider (Translation):

A young immigrant has been arrested for the murder of a 69-year-old woman in Kil in Värmland earlier this week.

It was the night of Thursday that a 69-year-old woman was found dead in her home in Kil. The same night, a man was arrested since he himself contacted the police. He was arrested later that night.

On Thursday, Samhällsnytt stated that the woman was an asylum activist who worked with unaccompanied minors. According to information for the online newspaper, the perpetrator was an immigrant.

On Friday, the arrested man was arrested.

According to the arrest warrant, which Free Times has read, it is very much about an immigrant. He is reported to have been born in 1999 and needs interpreting at Dari, which is usually spoken in Afghanistan.

The police have confirmed that the victim and the perpetrator knew each other. But the motive for the death is still unclear.

She was deeply involved in unaccompanied Afghans and let them live with them, taught them Swedish and fought for them not to be expelled,” wrote the newspaper on Friday night. The Afghan is said to have come to Sweden in December 2015 and applied for asylum. “I have killed my teacher”, the suspect must have said to 112 when he registered himself, according to Aftonbladet’s sources.

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