Super Tuesday II: Live on The Daily Stormer! [UPDATED]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2016


We’ve got an IRC channel up now, in case the board goes down (which it probably might when the results are coming in – we haven’t gotten the new hardware yet): #dailystormer

Also, we’ve got a live show coming up – Fash the Nation! I’ll be popping in, as will a VERY SPECIAL GUEST.

Starts at 7:00 p.m. EST (11:00 p.m. GMT). And runs til… no one knows! I’d bet it’s gonna run for a while.

There’s a chatroom in the YT post (another option if our bbs goes down).

Report from Ohio:

Ballot cast! Hail Victory! Glory to The Leader!

In Columbus, we are full Trump!

People outside the polling station, there’s signs covering the entire city.

No Kas-cucks in my town!

columbus 3columbus 2columbus 1

If we lose Ohio – and we won’t, but if we do – it is the fault of Cincinnati and Cleveland.

Original post follows.

trump is happening

Today is not the final day of the nomination process. But it is by far the most important thus far.

The opportunity exists for us to clinch the nomination today, to make it so as the race is effectively over.

Here are the states that are voting today and their delegate counts.

Here are the polls (excluding Missouri):

RealClearPolitics - March 15 Republican Primaries and Caucuses

Florida is in the bag. As is North Carolina.

I am thinking Illinois is a pretty sure shot. Six points isn’t a huge lead, but since Cruz made those comments siding with Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders against White Republicans following the Chicago rally, I doubt there’s much love for him there.

I don’t have any idea about Missouri.


States in that region have so far been very disappointing. Though I have to imagine they’re pretty sick of diversity in that state.

The big question is Ohio. Basically, if we win Ohio, we win the nomination. If not, this will drag on a while longer, and might end up in a brokered convention.


For the record, I think it’s going to be hard for them to steal the nomination at a brokered convention, as whatever the case Trump is going to have a plurality. But we’d all rather not go there.

Live on The Daily Stormer

We’ve got a live thread on the BBS, where we’ll be giving updates and commentary all day (and night). This is our tradition and it’s always a fun time.


If you voted, tell us about it and post pics if you got em. I’ll post some pictures from Columbus later.

And – I shouldn’t even have to say it – but if you’re in one of the voting states:

You have to vote!

You have no choice. This is a direct order from central command.

Get out there and do it. Even if your polling station is filled with Black drug addicts. Even if your dog just got hit by a car. Even if you’ve just be diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease. You have no excuse!


And get any family members or friends to go along. Pressure them severely.

Here’s the Fox 10 Phoenix livestream.

It’s the best livestream, in my opinion, but we’ll have a bunch more of them in the live thread.

The New York Times has a good results updater. You can also just type “primaries” into Google to get live results.

Take heed, brothers.

This is our day.


It is not only the future of America that is dependent on the candidacy of Donald Trump – it is the future of the entire planet. The galaxy, even.

If we win everything changes and if we lose everything changes.

Whatever the outcome, the future belongs to us.

trump make america great again

Hail Victory.