Sultry Alt-Lite Beauty Brittany Pettibone Detained on Arrival in the UK

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2018

According to Lauren Southern and others, Alt-Lite activist Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend Generation Identitare figure Martin Sellner have been detained upon entry to the UK.

Southern and Pettibone have been riding the cock carousel doing news reporting across Europe for some months or whatever, causing various havoc.

At one point, Southern tried to torpedo a dinghy full of niggers or something I think, can’t really remember the deets on that tale, but I remember it was hardcore.

Pettibone and Sellner were scheduled to meet-up with “punch a nigger” race warrior Tommy Robinson, and apparently this is one of the reasons they were detained.

The mainstream Jewish media hasn’t reported on this yet. There are a lot of posts on Twitter about it.

Thot leader Millennial Woes got word.

Generation Identity London did a protest.

Peter Sweden got snarky.

The gay Brit who called out the Jew Ezra Levant for his scammery weighed in with some deets.

Peter Sweden gave an update a couple hours ago saying that after two days of detainment, they are being deported.

I’m not sure why they thought they would be allowed in the UK. No one is allowed in the UK anymore. The place is locked down.

They tried to ban the president of America and successfully banned Roosh V because he was going to give a speech about how to trick drunk bitches into sucking you off. Every major Alt-Right figure has been banned.

So I mean, whatever. The entire West is going into lockdown mode because this whole “diversity and inclusivity” thing can only work if you implement full authoritarianism. You can’t allow people to disagree or to even talk about it at all really or it stops working. People really, really hate vibrancy.

Pettibone and Southern got away with cruising for strange dick doing news reporting on YouTube in mainland Europe because they don’t speak English and people hate America and giving them trouble would draw more attention to them than just letting them do their thing.

I don’t know why they thought they could go to Britain.

It’s literally Orwell.