Study Shows That Black Children Have the Highest Rates of School Truancy

Marcus Cicero
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2014

"Naw Nigga. Ah didn't goin' to no skoo' an ah is a ballin' pimp. Muh dik." -Standard Black justification for lack of education.
“Naw Nigga. Ah didn’t goin’ to no skoo’, an ah is a ballin’ pimp. You stupid azz teachas’ is raciss cracka niggas. Muh dik.” -Typical Black justification for their illiteracy and stupidity.

An interesting but common sense study has once again proven our radical racial talking points correct, showing that United States Negroes have the highest rate of school truancy, among other problems in the educational field.

The specific analysis in question, conducted in California but perfectly meshing with a wider national survey, finds that the youth of the American Pavement Ape species are, on average, more than four times as likely to miss large amounts of school time than others, and have rates of disciplinary suspension that are at least three times as high as their closest competitors.

According to Daniel Losen, a beady-eyed Jew “civil rights” researcher, the findings do not in any possible way indicate the incompatibility of Blacks in Western society, but are due to some sort of mysterious “discrimination,” that can only be remedied through a further downgrade of behavioral standards, as well as lowering learning requirements down to the bipeds’ primitive levels.


Black elementary school students in California missed more school last year than children from any other group, according to findings from a study released Friday that mirror national research from the U.S. Education Department.

Taken together the findings show that racial disparities in American education — from access to high-level classes and experienced teachers to discipline — begin at the earliest grades.

Black elementary students in California were chronically truant at nearly four times the rate of all students during the last school year, the attorney general’s office report showed.

The report follows findings this year from the DOE’s civil rights arm that indicated black students are more likely to be suspended from U.S. public schools — even as preschoolers.

Similar to the national findings, black students in California missed more than twice as many days of school per student due to suspensions than white students and were suspended up to three times more than white students in first and second grades, according to the attorney general’s report.

None of the data explains disparities or why the students were suspended.

UCLA civil rights researcher Daniel Losen said he hopes the findings will prompt California Gov. Jerry Brown to sign a bill passed by the Legislature that put an end to suspensions for “willful defiance.”

“The largest racial disparities are in this category,” Losen said. “It’s a catch-all for all minor offenses.”

This is absolutely not the case in this modern age, Jew. The Black, as well as the mixed-race Mestizo abominations, are now treated in a way that is a blatant mockery of justice and order. Their fundamental ineptitude within the academic arena, as well as their violent tendencies, have not improved in the slightest during the last couple of generations.

The Negro will never be able to live up to White expectations, as this flies in the face of genetic reality. If such nonsensical ideas of “equality” were at all possible, we would have already seen some sort of intelligence manifest itself during the last few decades.

By continuing to listen to your race’s Marxist drivel, the United States is continuing the free-fall plummet into Third-World chaos and savagery. Only through the complete banishment of Jew-led subversion, can the White American man and woman hope to salvage something from the ruins of a dying nation.

A closeup view of Daniel Losen, the Jew parasite who desires a further erosion of White culture to uplift the Black from his African stupor.
A closeup view of Daniel Losen, the Jew parasite who desires a further erosion of White culture to uplift the Black from his African stupor. One has to wonder if he actually believes his own foolishness, or if this is just yet another example of the Jewish drive toward corruption.

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