Straya: Gen Z Shitlords DGAF, Dress up as Nazis, Kikes and Niggers for Lulz

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2018

Dingo shitposters are making Australia great again, one nigger costume at a time.

To be honest, I’m surprised we’re not seeing even more of it from the Ozzies. I mean, when you’re living in a God-forsaken desert wasteland where every other lifeform is hell-bent on causing your death, what exactly do you have to lose by being a shitlord?

Regardless, it’s heartening to see the new generation of dingoes pushing hardcore shitposting into their IRL activities.

New York Post:

“Happy Hanukkah from Auschwitz!!” reads the image caption.

The photo, taken at an event organized and hosted at the elite St. Mark’s residential college, features two recent students from the University of Adelaide in Australia wearing striped concentration camp-style pajamas, caricature hook noses and a yellow Star of David pinned on their chests.

The students are also depicted wearing mock shackles with prisoner identification numbers marked on their inner arms, simulating those tattooed on Jewish concentration camp victims during the Holocaust.

Other photos, also taken at St. Mark’s College — and unearthed as part of a investigation into university college culture — feature a student dressed as Adolf Hitler and others doing the Nazi salute.

Time to party like it’s 1933.

The images are not from one party. They’re from a number of similar events hosted at the college year after year.

It’s not just a one time themed party – these guys are just systematically doing troll events with these funny costumes.

And then posting the pictures on social media with funny comments, for teh lulz.

Students who attended this year’s orientation week in February said a whole table of students attended an evening event dressed as Adolf Hitler.

LOL. They did this for orientation.

Talk about not giving a fuck.

“There were about 10 people, all boys, who came dressed wearing swastika armbands and mustaches,” said a student who wished not to be named, fearing reprisals.

“There was basically free license to choose whatever costume you want. I can’t believe that others could stand by and not step in. It baffles me.”

If you can be dressed however you like, why not come as a Moslem terrorist?

In recent years, the college has introduced a strict social media policy, but earlier images taken during a 2015 orientation week college quiz night depict teams of students dressed as racial stereotypes, including Asian and Jewish caricatures.

Yeah, they’re not kidding about that.

Wait – this is an iPod commercial costume.

The “Jew Team” can be seen wearing hook noses and fake beards and holding bags with dollar signs. Two female students who are apparently dressed as flames stand alongside the students dressed as Auschwitz prisoners.

That’s an amazing idea. Women dressed as flames accompanying people costumed as Jews, haha.

Dem Jews gotta burn.

Late last year, swastikas and other anti-Semitic paraphernalia were found on several university campuses across Australia including the University of Tasmania, Melbourne University, Monash University, University of Queensland and University of Sydney.

These kids aren’t just playing around. The Australian gen Z is getting redpilled just like in America.

Hail victory, boys!

Wait – is this a reverse blacked meme?

Just like everywhere else in the White world, dingo kids have been brought up in an environment where they have to deal with subhuman invaders while being told that they’re “totally equal” with abos and other worthless “people.” All this, while their country is getting bought out by the Chinese under the watch of traitor politicians.

That kind of experience will really tend to put a damper on your enthusiasm for politically correct bullshit.

The good thing about Australia, though, is that as soon as Whites stop sheltering brown people there, they’ll flee for their lives, for fear of being eaten by crocs or roos.

Who else but dingoes have the guts to beat up the Australian fauna?

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