Stormer, Volume 22: One Year of Donald Trump

Daily Stormer
January 21, 2018

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The cucks are falling in line.

Editorials across the board are in Trump’s favor in regards to the government shutdown. Even the National Review, famous in the current era for running editorials sobbing about the vicious mockery of the “cuckservative” meme or an “Against Trump” cover issue, are now talking about the need to stand firm on the DACA issue. They’re using coded language like “Democratic behavior” but we all know what that really means is “Jewish behavior”.

Trump’s first year was not everything we wanted, but it is the best we have seen out of a president in a long time. Trump has cut the size of government, and slashed the numbers regulations on the books. He pulled out of the Paris accords, and might soon pull out of even NAFTA. He’s put in overtime to stuff the circuit courts with unpozzed judges. He put an end to the ludicrous CIA support for the moderate mideast terrorists. He’s easily the most libertarian president we’ve had in about a century.

But holding firm on the DACA criminals is the best of all. And by some miracle, even the most cucked out GOPe publications are behind him. Trump’s steadfast refusal to capitulate to a bad deal is making it dawn on these people that they can do more as conservatives than simply fall in line with the will of the Democrats. Any day now they’re going to be embracing populist nationalism. And if there’s anything that Jews hate, it is populist nationalism.

Since the government has shut down this time with very little panic, maybe we can just keep it off for a while. How many of those gubbmint jobs are just graft from some Sheneequa? Maybe they can remove EBT from the list of essential services and make these people fast for a while or get a job and pay for their own food.

It’s moments like these that I feel privileged to be here as a witness. We’re gonna toss all the DACA babies over the wall into Mexico where they belong. As we continue to garner victories, people will get a taste for more. Soon they’ll hail victory with the rest of us.

Here’s to 7 more years of the Trumpenreich. He hasn’t gassed the kikes, but the tweets alone were worth electing him president.