Stormer Chateau Up For Raffle: Only $14 to Set Up HQ in Idyllic French Village

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2018

I was going to keep this to myself and get “Chateau Roy” all to myself. But then I figured you guys would get mad and maybe, just maybe, some of the readers share my love for the platonic pastoral lifestyle.

I decided to share.


A French chateau, complete with a swimming pool, a cottage and even a gardener, could be yours for less than $14 thanks to an online raffle.

The stunning property in eastern Dordogne is set in 34 acres and is worth $1.5 million. It’s owner, British woman Ruth Phillips, has decided to raffle the house, and she says that all the proceeds will go to good causes.

Tickets cost ¬£10 ($13.37) and 500,000 are being sold on a website specially set up for the competition. The website lists two conditions for entrants: they must be resident in England, Scotland or Wales, and they must be able to correctly translate two French expressions ‚Äď “les carottes sont cuites” and “ca ne casse pas trois pattes a un canard.”¬†

UK Stormers and French Stormers must work together to decipher this code, and apply for the raffle.

(jk don’t commit cyber-raffle fraud, French cops no bully.)

Once we have a Chateau, everything will fall into place.

Plus, it will be cozy.

Apparently, the money is going to a charity…


Maybe I’m jumping the gun here. I’ve become very suspicious of (((charities))) over the years.

But you have to admit that giving the Chateau to Stormers would be objectively the best thing that this charity drive could do for the world. 

I think we would be doing these Champagne socialists a favor by making sure that the Chateau goes to a good cause.

Besides, Generation Identitaire has a villa somewhere in Austria, and the Italian nationalists just straight up take over government buildings and make them their HQs.

To say nothing of Antifa’s storied history of taking over nice-looking buildings.

We need a Chateau as well.

Chateau Stormer. 

From there we can sally forth to gas kikes.

Frankly, I don’t think that we can go anywhere as a movement¬†without¬†a chateau, villa, manor – something fancy and medieval-sounding basically.

I think its a prerequisite – far more important than having competent cadres, donor-networks, coherent activism strategies.

Once we get ourselves a chateau, it’ll be smooth-sailing.

We should make Chateau Stormer a TOP PRIORITY.

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