Stormer Book Club’s Operation White America a Smashing Success!

Daily Stormer
April 7, 2018

Oy vey, all the hate!

How is this possible in current year???

This brotha here sho’ nuff didn’t appreciate it, but don’t you worry fam, he gonna keep an eye out fo’ de perps!

You should probably show him some love on Twitter, you know, for how brave a colored gentleman he is and all.


No worries though, because, thank the Lord, the Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students at UNC Charlotte is on the case! She is the avenging heroine of hurt colored feels!

Goodness gracious, what on Earth could be causing such mass triggering all over the place?

Turns out it’s a flyer with some of those hateful and hurtful facts that are banned on campuses nationwide!

OH MY GAWD!!! This is worse than another shoah and 400 more years of slavery!

Stormer Book Club has been very busy. After all, it is a club For White Men of Good Character, so they’re not gonna sit around being lazy while these anti-American scum try to take away the birthright our forefathers won for us in toil and blood!

Below is a sample of the great work Stormers across America did for this campaign. It is by no means a full accounting of all the locations and cities.

Portland, OR

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

University of North Carolina – Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

Houston, TX – some giant mosque

Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

Lincoln, NE

Keene, NH

Reno, NV

Weber University, Ogden, UT

Midwestern University, Wichita Falls, TX

Synagogue of David, Wichita Falls, TX

Stormer Book Club is the premier American Nationalist, pro-White activist organization. It’s not just a club, it is a band of brothers!

If you’re a White Man of good Character and you’re interested in Stormer Book Clubs, and would like more information, email

Top Comments

  1. Good stuff. I am a Book Club of One down here.

  2. Excellent work guys. So proud of my fellow North Carolinian’s!

  3. A few years ago, it would have been child’s play. But, today exercising your “right” to free speech can cost you your job, your career, your family or even your freedom. Don’t believe me? Create a flyer describing facts about niggers. Hand out the flyer at the Whitest Church you can find tomorrow morning. Wait.

    And be sure to have your lawyer on standby.

  4. Too bad there is no stormer book clubs in Canada… :anguished:

  5. I have considered raising money for thousands of copies of that book written by that Harvard Jew professor called ‘Jesus in the Talmud’ where it describes each and every mention of Jesus in their “holy” book, then mailing them out to pastors across the US to show them all what the “chosen” and (((our greatest ally))) actually think about Jesus. You know - things like the whole “boiling in a pot of human feces in Hell” and “son of a prostitute and a Roman soldier” stuff.

    Returning Christianity back to its natural state of “antisemitism” would go a long way in regards to this thing of ours, IMO.

    Also, how do I undergo the extreme vetting process to join a book club?

  6. Good job putting one on that stinking Mosque.

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