Stormer Book Club Operation: Hate Hoax

Book Club HQ
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2019

Print this out and share it in your local communities!

This time the Book Clubs are calling out homosexual Jewish mulatto Jussie Smollett for staging his anti-white racist attack, and were calling out the fake news Jew media for their hoax collusion.

By now everyone knows the story of the half-black Jew Jussie Smollett, and his MAGA hate hoax. Smollett concocted a ridiculous fake hate crime, complete with Trump hats, ski masks, Clorox and rope. The story was so totally unbelievable that the Daily Stormer immediately identified it as a fake hoax the day it happened.

Only a gay Jew could be devious enough to think up such a dramatic hoax, and only a black one would be stupid enough to completely botch the whole thing. Smollett got caught in the act and in the process exposed the entire Jewish industry and their constant anti-white fake hate crimes.

Jews frequently create hoax incidents against themselves in order to drum up pity. The SPLC is a Jewish hoax factory and the ADL is a Jewish hoax processing plant. Never forget that the SPLC and ADL both jumped all over this attack and told everyone it was real.

Ann is right: all hate crimes are hoaxes. And it’s getting ridiculous. Hundreds of fake hate crimes are perpetrated every year according to USA Today.

The Stormer Book Club has had frankly had enough of the lying Jewish press, so we once again took our message to the streets, directly to the people. Operation Hate Hoax was conducted with great success across the nation: from the east coast to the west, and from the deep south of Alabama to the far north of Fargo.

Our boys in Fargo caused the first Ruckus.

Racists Flyers Found in North Fargo – KVRR Local News

Filthy ADL Jew Oren Segal weighed in…

That’s right Oren Smeagol, you CAN expect to see these elsewhere in the country. Here is just a small sample of the flyers posted from coast-to-coast.

When SBC says “nationwide,” we mean it! Flyers were dropped all the way from Alaska to Florida, and everywhere in between!

Anchorage, Alaska

St. Petersburg, Florida

Houston, Texas

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Keene, New Hampshire

Berkley, California

Roanoke, Virginia

San Dimas, California

Fargo, North Dakota

ATSU, New Mexico

Colville, Washington

Reno, Nevada

Oxford, Ohio

Hurricane, West Virginia

Cleveland, Ohio

While this isn’t the hoax of the century, (e.g. the Holocaust) this is certainly the biggest hoax to get called out as a hoax in a very long time.

All hate crimes are hoaxes, and the Jew media eat them up like fat kids and butter.

The Stormer Book Club wants to send our sincere thanks to Jussie Smollett for blowing up the entire hate hoax jig. No one is ever going to believe in this bullshit again, and the SPLC and ADL might as well just close up shop.

Until they do, it will take more work to keep waking people up to the Jew problem and the more general race problem. We are seeing enormous success doing this with words and ideas. The Jews know we are doing it with words and ideas, and they know that people are turned off by random acts of violence, so they accuse us of random acts of violence.

The only way to beat these vampires is to keep exposing them, to keep up the hard work, and to keep fighting.

Stormer Book Clubs are at the forefront of the ideological battle to reclaim our homeland from the grips of Jewish hoaxsters by taking our messages of truth directly to the neighborhoods of White America in flyer campaigns and street activism.

But what have YOU done to contribute? Your ancestors expect you to act.

Thankfully you are not alone. There is a group of your fellow men ready to help.

Stormer Book Club is the premier American Nationalist, pro-White activist organization. It’s not just a club, it is a band of brothers!

Are you ready to join us?

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