Stop Respecting Their Narrative

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2017

To actually move forward we need to have a good public image that appeals to people.

Looking like actual big mean evil racist neo-Nazis is not that image.

On the internet is one thing, but when we have more live events we need to look presentable and not like a bunch of LARPers.

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  1. Never trust the judenpresse because they are lying kikes!

  2. Can’t say yes, can’t say no when you’re on the enemy’s playing field. Have to destroy the enemy’s narrative and establish your own. Long term, meta politics is everything. Jews understood this a while ago, Goyim are just starting to realize.

  3. cledun says:

    Just so you all know, the guy who is narrating this video is named Ryan Faulk.

    Ryan Faulk is not an anti-Semitic nationalist who is giving us good faith advice. He is anti-Nazi, he considers Hitler an “anti-white” figure, he believes that the holocaust happened and was just terrible, and he considers Jews to be white allies.

    He is also a homosexual and a former male prostitute.

    Not someone to take advice from.

  4. Wayne says:

    “You are racist, antisemite, (islamophobe)”.

    Answer: “You are antiwhite (christianophobe)”.

    “You are homophobe”

    Answer: “You are heterophobe”.

    “You are nazi”

    Answer: “You are commie (marxist)”.

  5. I prefer the term Species-ist.

  6. Isn’t this guy a fag? Why is a fag getting attention?

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