Stop Counter-Signaling Calexit – California is 30% White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2017

I’m seeing a lot of Calicucks AKA Calmain shills counter-signaling Calexit in these tubes.

Allow me to explain why that is stupid.

At last count – in 2014 – the census showed California to be 38.8% white.

With 1,047,600 kikes, 3.6% of the state is Jew, taking our total white number down to 35.2%.

Then you have 715,000 Arabs, 500,000 Iranians and 600,000 Armenians – plus a bunch of Turks and whatever else – all of which are classified as “white” in the census.

Then you add in the severe influx we’ve seen since 2014 – and there is absolutely no way California is even 30% white.

You’re Goof-Conan Shit is Going to Get Us All Genocided

True Conanism

False Conanism AKA Concuckoldry

I am a true advocate of true Conanism, and fully support it. However, there is a toxic form of non-Conanism parading as the true Conanism, making us all look stupid and threatening to get us all genocided: this false Conanism is known as Goof-Conanism AKA Concuckism.

Whereas true Conanism is about ruthlessly slaughtering your enemies after you rape their wives and daughters in front of them, devoting your entire life to hunting down and murdering every last member of their family, this new false “Conanism” AKA Goof-Conanism is about pretending you are going to do that while creating circumstances which make it impossible to do that. The reason is because they are socially signaling that they are the most hardcore Conanists, or perhaps merely shilling.

For example, these false Conanists opposed Donald Trump, saying they would only support Hitler – because they are just that hardcore and pure, they would rather be genocided than do something pragmatic. We now are witnessing Moslems screaming in airports, whereas if the Concuckists had had their way and gotten Hillary in office, we would be seeing our selves screaming in FEMA camps.

Now these Concucks are coming out against Calexit, saying we’re somehow going to push the entire non-white population – about 27 million people – out of the state immediately.

Well, that’s not happening. Sorry. We all know that that isn’t happening. If you say you think that is happening, you are either lying or you’re stupid.

Some day, it will happen. But not right now.

Right now we have a state that has an extreme amount of negative influence on our country which can be cut off. Calexit would effectively amount to deporting 27 million nonwhites, as well as a bunch of useless shitlibs. It would actually amount to deporting more than that, as some number are going to flee there from the rest of the states if they secede.

“We can’t give up the territory!!!!!” is an admirable sentiment, but a person saying such a thing is not operating in reality.

The odds are still against Calexit, of course. But there exists a very real chance it could happen. Like, at least a 20% chance.

We need to do everything we can to support it.