Steven Crowder MAULED and Assaulted by Police Dog…!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2018

Crowder has been getting more and extreme with his new show.

Some of his interviews push the boundaries of “on the street” journalism. Like his latest one.

In this case, things went wrong when Crowder approached the police officers and started talking about the “NAP” and about how the police were in violation of it and should be privatized.

They did not take kindly to his attempts to engage in constructive dialogue.

The bitch badge-nigger sicced the other bitch on him. For about twenty minutes, the police let the bitch with a badge choke and harass Crowder while the other bitch gently caressed his innards with her sharp canines.

If this were literally any other person on the planet, my sympathies would be with him.

It’s hard to “STOP RESISTING STOP RESISTING!” when you have a fucking dog chomping down on you, you’re bleeding out of your goddamn dog bite holes and worse, a female dyke is towering over you, expecting you to take her seriously. Like, what is a man supposed to do in that scenario? He’s already cuffed, half-naked and in a cell. Better sic a dog on him for good measure, eh?

Seriously, if it were any other guy except Crowder, I would be baying for these badge-niggers’ blood.

But we all know how annoying Crowder can be.

We all know how annoying these lolbergtardian conservatives are in general.

I have always wanted to sic a dog on them and see the result.

Fido doesn’t know about the NAP, and boy oh boy do you look tasty! 

Anyways, I think that this can be a learning experience for Crowder and everyone involved.


  1. Women don’t belong in the police
  2. Dogs don’t understand the NAP
  3. Lolbergs deserve to get mauled by the second kind of bitches
  4. No one deserves to get choked out by the first kind of bitch
  5. Crowder needs to rethink the premise of his new show

I hope you’re reading this Steven!

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