Steam Renounces All Censorship – Including of “Politically Incorrect” Games

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2018

This is the dawning of a new era.

Just a few days ago, Steam was embroiled in controversy, being blasted by the SJW press for their unrelenting censorship of porno anime games.

It now appears that this whole episode was an elaborate plot on the part of Valve, who are now moving to the next step in their master plan.

As it turns out, the perverts are going to get exactly what they asked for – an end to censorship.

Unfortunately for them though, this new policy also extends to Nazi and Alt-Right content.

Well played, Gaben. Well played.

They are not pleased, to say the least.


Dominant PC gaming platform Steam received mass criticism from social justice news outlets after it announced the platform would end curation and censorship, and become an open market.

The platform announced this week that they would stop curating games and would instead allow all games to be sold on the platform — unless they were illegal or “trolling.”

In other words, this is basically a First-Amendment-type criteria. Valve has shown in the past that their threshold for “trolling” is extremely high.

Remember this? It’s still on Steam.

So is this game about mowing down jihadists invading Europe.

What Valve means by “trolling” is extremely low quality games made exclusively as jokes. Steam’s press release on their new policy made it very clear that well-made games wouldn’t be censored for political reasons.

As reported by One Angry Gamer, “a string of articles from many members of the GameJournoPros – the same group that smeared the consumer revolt #GamerGate back in 2014 – have all come out in timely succession to castigate Valve over the decision.”

In an article for Kotaku, the left-wing gaming news outlet from Gawker Media, journalist Nathan Grayson called Steam’s decision “irresponsible,” and claimed, “There is no good outcome here.”

Of course, these faggots were outraged that homo anime porn was being censored, but only because this is content which they approve of – not because they’re against censorship.

There used to be a saying, “any organization not explicitly conservative will eventually end up in the hands of liberals.”

The new saying is, “any platform that doesn’t censor right-wing views will eventually become dominated by the Alt-Right.”

This is why all these J-leftists are panicking as soon as they hear that Steam will no longer censor their games. They know what this means.

It means a flood of games like this.

Engadget claimed, “This is pretty much Valve giving up and washing its hands of responsibility,” while Vice’s Patrick Klepek, Polygon’s Ben Kuchera,’s Brendan Sinclair, Paste’s Garrett Martin, Mashable’s Adam Rosenberg, and polygamous YouTube gaming critic Jim Sterling also criticized Steam, primarily arguing that offensive games would now be more common.


They definitely will be – we’ll make sure of that.

There’s plenty of talented developers and artists on the right – now that there’s a way to be monetized, we’re going to see an explosion in new content.

Since the change, some users have attempted to submit troll games, including AIDS Simulator and GAY Nation — a game where you have to hunt down “any remaining straights” in a world that is almost entirely gay.

Unfortunately, AIDS Simulator has been taken down, since it was obviously a low-effort troll. They even advertised on their page that this was a shitty asset flip.

GAY Nation, on the other hand, is still there as of time of writing.

And it looks like it could be pretty hilarious.

It appears to me that the weird, inconsistent censorship Steam had been engaging in recently was a ploy to drum up outrage from SJWs in order to help justify their move to a totally censorship-free policy.

After all, it makes perfect business sense. Steam is an international business. They can’t curate their software library to the tastes of a few American commies. Valve isn’t a corporation owned by a bunch of dirty kikes – it’s a private business, with lord Gaben as the majority shareholder.

In other words, he DGAF about a bunch of crying babies. He’s sitting on a gigantic mountain of money. Even if every snowflake commie boycotted Steam, it would be a drop in the bucket compared to the money lost by censoring games.

So the odds are very good that this policy will hold strong for the foreseeable future.

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