State Dept Condemns Murder of Journalists… Unless It is by Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2018

This is a pretty juicy tidbit here.


Speaking on World Press Freedom Day, US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert preached freedom from oppression for all journalists – unless they are Palestinian and the oppressor is Israel.

Nauert started her Thursday briefing by praising the State Department press pool and urging accountability for the “apparent assassination” of a BBC journalist in Afghanistan on Monday (one of the nine that were killed in that attack). She then profusely condemned the many violations of journalists’ rights across the world. Among the perpetrators, she listed Myanmar, Egypt, Turkey, Tanzania, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malta, Mexico and, of course, China and Russia. All of them were chastised as oppressive governments that repress, detain or outright murder unwanted journalists.

Once Nauert was done with her opening speech (which included congratulating one of the journalists present on her promotion and praising another’s dress choice), she moved on to other topics – but was pulled back on track by the first reporter to ask a question:

“Would you also condemn the recent deaths of journalists, Palestinian journalists in the Gaza Strip?”

Nauert answered that too many journalists die across the world, and the State Department can’t mention them all.

Israel does more targeted assassinations than any country in the world.

They just took out a Hamas dignitary in Malaysia – just drove up and shot him on the street, without even wearing masks.

I don’t actually know how many journalists they kill.

Last month, they shot a guy in Gaza who was wearing a “PRESS” jacket, but they were just shooting Arabs randomly and just shot him as a “fuck you” gesture probably, rather than that they were trying to silence his journalistic speech.

I don’t really think they care much about what gets printed in the Palestinian press, and if they did care, I think they would want it to be inflammatory, which is what Palestinians will naturally report.

So I don’t think they have a specific goal of killing Palestinian journalists, as it doesn’t benefit them to do so.

It’s just that they kill so many Palestinians at random, a lot of them are bound to be journalists, and they presumably kill journalists simply to flaunt their disregard for international law (it is obviously against international law to kill a journalist covering a warzone, which is what the State Department was originally complaining about in Afghanistan – I don’t think those journalists were targeted for their reporting either).

But yeah, moral of the story is: according to American ZOG, Israel can do whatever the hell they want.

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