Starcucks: The Free Coffee for Black People Troll is Clever

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2018

After the recent Starbucks racism event, some shitposter had the idea of making a fake coupon for blacks to get a free coffee at any of their locations for reparations.

This coupon has been claimed at least once in a public way, probably a lot more times and I just haven’t seen the video. Certainly a lot of times that were not recorded.

This could very easily cost Starbucks thousands of dollars when you consider how much some of their coffee costs.

This is one of the best trolls this year, it’s certainly up there with Andy Warski trademarking the term Liberalist and turning it into a trap porn movement.

I think we should actually hold the Troll of the Year awards with a crowdfunded cash prize to encourage more events like this. Trolls would be judged based on the impact they had to society as a whole and how much Jewish/black/female butthurt came from it.

Until that’s a real thing though, you should still practice.

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