StarCraft Will Become an Olympic Game in Your Lifetime

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2018

I don’t really hold the Olympics sacred anymore. It would be one thing if they were still done as they were meant to be – by amateurs.

See if you still had amateurs from your city or your country competing against the amateurs from another city in a kind of “youth games” type of scenario, that’d be one thing. It would also help if they stuck to the “games” that approximated war like the old games did.

Nowadays, everyone in the games starts training at age 6 just for these games and they’re all basically one-trick ponies.

China is breeding super-athletes and training them from the age of 4 probably

Also, some of the modern events in the games are just baffling.

I mean, when I think Olympics, I think of something more martial. Sprints, jumps, throwing javelins, throwing imitation grenades.

That I understand.

So adding strategy videogames doesn’t strike me as that weird. Adding golf to the Olympics strikes me as far weirder. At the least, there is an element of the amateur that is still preserved when you let some young nerds compete in some strategy game.

Furthermore, it really is what the youth are doing nowadays.

Back in better days, I could actually see the youth practicing throwing javelins and rocks and running with their shields to see who was faster.

Nowadays, most young kids just sit at home and play videogames.

Sad state of affairs, but its true. Frankly, if they even threw a rock in a field some Boomer would probably report them to the police for hooliganism or something.

But in videogames, you get to apply strategy and somewhat approximate war scenarios. So why not? If drone operators are now pilots, then these kids are budding war-gamers that will be useful when wars are waged on 3d hologram desks.

I think it’s going to happen. There’s a huge audience for eSports and there’s a lot of money in it. We will see a push for eSports being included in the Olympics that will ultimately be successful.


Competitive video gaming, or eSports, played warm-up to this year’s Winter Olympics. Now recognized as “real” sports by Olympic officials, eSports are gunning for a spot of their own in the medal table.

Intel Corp, an Olympic sponsor, brought professional gamers to PyongChang, where the Olympics are now in full swing, earlier this week. They played Starcraft II, a popular real-time strategy game that involves tactical thinking, concentration and quick reflexes – and rekindled the debate on whether the rigorous requirements are enough for eSports to become part of the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has already recognized eSports as a “sporting activity,” as have a few nations. The next logical step is for it to go Olympic – which could happen as soon as 2024.

Well there you go.

Not sure how I feel about that. I think I’m a solid neutral on this development.