Sri Lankans Go in Guns Blazing! Anti-Terror Op Flushes Out Moslem Terrorists! 15 Dead!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2019

I knew that these Sri Lankans wouldn’t take this terror thing laying down.


Three explosions have reportedly hit a city on Sri Lanka’s eastern seaboard as the police and the army carry out searches targeting suspects from last weekend’s deadly bombings.

The explosions took place in the city of Kalmunei as raids were carried out by the Army and the Police Special Task Force, Sri Lankan news outlet News First reported. There has been no immediate reports of casualties.


Mass expulsions when? 

Police have been conducting searches across Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the deadly suicide bombings on churches and hotels which killed more than 250 people. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) claimed responsibility for the bombings.

A shootout earlier erupted nearby as police attempted to raid a location which was believed to have been used for the manufacturing of suicide vests. The searches led to the seizure of explosives and other bomb making materials as well as drones and an IS flag. 

This morning, they found 15 dead bodies at the site of the shootout.


A total of 15 bodies, including six children, have been found at the site of a prolonged gun battle between military police and suspected Islamic militants believed to be linked to Sunday’s church and hotel bombings in Sri Lanka.

The dead were discovered in a house in Sainthamaruthu as authorities cleared the area on Saturday morning following the overnight shootout, which police and military had earlier said killed four gunmen and a civilian.

Three suicide bombers were among the dead, according to military spokesman Sumith Atapattu, who said they were suspected members of National Towheed Jama’at, the group believed to be behind the attacks.

While this is good stuff, this is not enough.

The entire Moslem population needs to be given an eviction notice. Either leave the country or learn how to swim, because you will literally be taken out in barges a hundred knots out to sea and then the boats will simply be sunk to feed the fishes and create new coral reefs for tourists to explore 20 years from now.

But seriously. The costs of this attack will be staggering for the country.

If you’d ever been to Colombo, you’d know that the government has invested hundreds of millions into building massive new hotels and cleaning up the city. In general, they’ve been working hard to turn the country into a tourist hotspot after clearing out the insurgents in the West.

This attack has basically killed off the nascent Sri Lanka tourism industry.

Even something like a 15% reduction is absolutely killer for hotels and resorts. It’s clear that the financial repercussions of this attack are going to be staggering.

White people will just move their vacation to somewhere safer in Southeast Asia.

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  1. Anders Povlsen, the richest man in Denmark, lost 3 of his children in the Sri Lankan muslim
    terrorist attack. You never want to wish this on anybody, the pain must be soul crushing,
    but a WN observer sees it from a different perspective.

    1. Get rid of the muzzies
    2. Change the name back to Ceylon
  2. Islam is an ideology of war against civilization. Every last vestige of it will be wiped from the earth.

  3. May Sri Lankans prevail in their current crisis. Unlike the “democracies in the West”, I hope they set the example for successful anti-terrorist, or anti-muzzie, security actions in their country.

    I will suggest, to bolster their tourist activities, perhaps Sri Lankans can stage a “Running Muzzie” style of game show based on the movie, “Running Man”. Featured fan favorites to fight the muzzies could include characters like Crusader, Imhotep, Buddha’s Revenge, and more. Don’t forget, if a muzzie wins it gets a lifetime of free enjoyment after being air dropped from a helicopter onto a lush tropical island similar to Pavuvu and filled with edible and tasty land crabs. Those who watched the series, The Pacific, might remember the wonderful island of Pavuvu which was used to stage Marines during WW2!


  4. Clearly the Muslim minority in Sri Lanka is suffering under some very serious institutional oppression. Genocide cannot be far away. We must be ready to offer “asylum” to any “refugees” from this openly Islamophobic and racist persecution. Perhaps economic sanctions against the Sri Lankan government might be indicated as well…

  5. a knot is a measurement of speed, not distance. you need nautical miles

  6. If they set a world class example of kebab removal I’ll make Sri Lanka my holiday of choice. If you’re listening, Sri Lanka spooks.

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