Spontaneous Car Combustion II: Moslem Boogaloo

Lauritz Von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2017

On June 22, The Daily Stormer reported on the seemingly causeless ignitions of innocent cars in the Norwegian capitol Oslo. At that time, nine cars had mysteriously burst into flames. Oslo police later confirmed that they have arrested and subsequently released a suspect in the case.

Although the suspect was not cleared of any charges, super-sleuth and police superintendent Rune Skjold saw fit to release the suspect, as there was no danger of spoliation of evidence (they confiscated a jerry found at the scene of the crime).

News of the arrest was widely and gleefully received by media as the police statement made clear it was a Norwegian citizen and therefore fully kosher to report on. A clarification was later made by Sherlock Skjold that the suspect “was of foreign origin,” leading to widespread anguish and subsequent corrections.

Since the time of the sandpersons release, a further two cars have gone up in smoke, but at least there’s no need to worry about evidence being compromised.

Good job guys.