Spain: New Socialist Government Plans to Criminalize Historical Truth

Diversity Macht Frei
June 25, 2018

A new Socialist government comes to power in Spain without any authentic democratic majority (having got only 22% of the vote at the last general election). The first thing they do is throw open the country’s borders and accept hundreds of unwanted African invaders on a ship rejected by Italy. The second thing they do is cook up a law to criminalise the speech of their political opponents and vilify their historical memory.

After this law has been passed it will be impossible to state the truth in Spain. So let me state it now: It was the Left that attacked democracy in Spain, not the Right. Franco was a response to the Left’s attempts to suppress, criminalise and even murder their political opponents. And had he not acted, Spain would have been engulfed in a Soviet-like tyranny.

Buried alongside Franco in the Valle de los Caídos is José Antonio Primo de Rivera, murdered by the leftists at the outset of the Spanish Civil War. The Socialists plan to remove his remains too.

This is one of his most famous quotes.

Perhaps in tribute to José Antonio, there are two statues of angels bearing swords in the basilica within the monument, just inside the gates.

This basilica is the property of the Catholic Church. In theory, then, the Socialists will need the permission of the Catholic Church to perform this desecration.

Does anything think Bergoglio can be relied upon to say no?

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  1. And the Spanish SS were renowned for their tenacity in the field…

    it’s a real shame.

  2. Right on script. Jews were given legal status last year, now this. I smell filthy kike all over this.

  3. Yep, they fought with great bravery and the Soviet Red Army hated them. They quickly won the respect of the Germans however. General Agustin Munoz Grandes and his Division Azul fought on until the fall of Berlin, where they were together with a few Frenchmen of the Division Charlemagne and what was left of the Waffen SS. One day, when we have our own media, we will be able to tell their stories truthfully, without false sentimentality and without the enemies’ distortions and lies.
    Their fight in the East against godless jewish communism, the Soviet juggernaut, against incredible odds, hugely outnumbered, hugely outgunned, faced with the cruel elements (Russian Winter anyone) and ruthless, bloodthirsty jewish commisars and terrorists- it is worthy of an epic like the Mahabharata.

  4. I wonder if these filthy Jewish Socialists will parade the corpse of Franco around on a stick like they used to do with people in the 30’s…

    Oh well; this is what happens when you remain neutral in such important wars.

  5. There is this weird narrative in the West that just because some government has been elected democratically , it can do whatever they want including terrorizing the native population ,rewriting history and inviting invaders.

    If the people do not make clear that it’s unacceptable, they deserve to get screwed over.

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