Spain: Migrants are the New Zombies

Diversity Macht Frei
July 27, 2018

Last night, 800 Africans jumped the fence in Ceuta, a Spanish exclave in the north of Africa. 600 of them made it through and then rampaged through the city, flinging urine, faeces and quicklime at the police.

This is jungle-grade savagery running raw through the streets of one of our cities. Of course they will now quickly be reprocessed and distributed to mainland Europe.

The Africans shout “Boza! Boza!” which means “Victory! Victory!”

Spain’s new Socialist government is planning to scale back some of the defensive measures in Ceuta so this will likely get worse.

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  1. And if we fight, we’re the ones who get arrested.

  2. Sisu says:

    Amazing, niggers fresh out of the jungle act exactly like their North American Pavement Ape counterparts even though they’ve been separated for several hundred years. But I guess those clever Europeans will figure out a way to assimilate these monkeys into civilized society.

    Note: amazing that they all looked like unaccompanied minors…where are the parents?

  3. My anger has left. My blackpill is gone. I am just bewildered at it all.

    In order for these stupid niggers to stop coming it all must burn. Everything must burn. And then the white man can move on.

  4. G-Man says:

    I really wonder if a Hitler 2.0 will suddenly emerge and speak so openly - even more openly than Trump - about how the “(jewish) Emperor has no Clothes” that everyone will suddenly snap out of their stupor and rally together and push out all these “people.” It’s so absurd, surely large numbers must be waking up now?

    I sometimes bump into white-collar Europeans and most of them just seem to want to flee wherever they are. For example I know a Swedish guy who left Sweden but just wants to go to Brazil and bury himself in latina pussy. He’s not redpilled on race really, but does see Sweden as beyond hope, and yet doesn’t want to defend Europe, just run away, make money, and have lots of nihilistic sex. I don’t understand people like him. I told him I’d be happy to travel with him back to Sweden when the time is right to expel all the invaders, but he just changed the subject (can’t show my full power level for obvious reasons…).

  5. Either a new Franco arises, or Spain will turn black.

  6. Again. We are going to have to realise, White folks are going to lose 50% of their mass. We will NEVER survive with the load we have around our necks. Most Whites are no more than cowards, and obese ones at that.

    There is no racial solidarity. We will it seems, only attack the ((( cause ))) when we are at our lowest level regarding numbers. Too many leave their own regions, rather than fight

    1488 are not nere numbers. However, they mean crap to millions of “our” own. Sadly folks, say goodbye to an easy war, we collectively left it too late.

  7. I don´t know what you got. all I see are decent people who gonna pay our pensions and care for our old in the future.


    jorge hm
    19 hours ago
    it is necessary the use of lethal force

    jorge hm
    19 hours ago
    this is a fucking invasion

    Crazy World
    19 hours ago
    prepare yourselves for war

    18 hours ago
    These governments allow the refugees because they want taxes, but these refugees will NEVER work. They are parasites.

    14 hours ago
    This is what brings to have a shit of rulers PP PSOE we can etc VOX POWER

    [ie. this is what shit rulers bring]

    Even Raghead Doesn’t Want Niggers :laughing:

    Jihan الحمدلله
    16 hours ago
    The rich are still rich and living this far away, does not affect them in truth, those who suffer are the working class, living in our country you can’t find a decent job, or help of any kind, for that much money is going in the care of the immigrants.

    This is a “plague”, an “invasion”.
    But as here I can not say NO, because the reigning hypocrisy, and to give the good side and Spain can’t be “racist”, well, WELCOME, but this verges on already survival for us not to take away what little we have left.

    I’m sorry but what I see in this video, I’m afraid, I do not like, and I don’t care what you call me, put hand to it and stop it.

    16 hours ago
    Per anni we dovuto sopportare l invasione da soli… magari adesso che tocca anche a voi qualcosa if muoverà… svegliatevi!

    [For years we had to endure l the invasion alone… maybe now that it is also up to you something if move… wake up!]

    14 hours ago
    Take out the military tanks and to take it up the ass

    José María Martín bou
    17 hours ago
    Minute 8:25 the guy recording saying welcome.…you are mongolo or subnormal shit like that welcome??? That trash is not welcome here because we vastante hardships in Spain as to now spend money on these black fuck

    Rude Rude
    16 hours ago

    14 hours ago
    non I sell grosse differenze with branchi di animali selvaggi
    [do not … big differences with herds of wild animals]

    Bip Bap
    2 hours ago
    Want to destroy a society? Add Africans.

    tOm Platz of Abz
    11 hours ago
    Time to build a Naval mine field around Europe.

    10 hours ago
    Les femmes et le enfants d’abord !
    [Women and children first !]

    Dave Escobar
    6 hours ago
    World war Zombie…vielen dank Frau Merkel
    [World war Zombie…thank you very much Mrs Merkel]

    Javi Jauregui
    1 hour ago
    Lead the ejerzito without bullshit like these yuellan to fuck up the country the same ke an echo cn sullos kitar the conzertinas dizen electrify the fence to 900000 woltios are just parasites these ngos red cross i the catholic church would have ke to sink it to the varcos of traffickers, what a plague we bring these bastards


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