Soyboy Hit Crew Raids Marvel’s Prop Shack, Steals Millions of Dollars Worth of Comic Book Junk

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2018


The heist of the century. And boy did they hit the motherlode.

Hollywood Reporter:

The hero’s shield from Captain America. Robert Downey Jr.’s mask from Iron Man. A set of X-23 claws from Logan. They’re among the more than $1 million in memorabilia stolen in late February from a Southern California public storage unit in suburban Rancho Cucamonga, allegedly by a pair of thieves now being prosecuted by the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office. The cache, much of which has yet to be recovered, comprised part of Marvel collector Max Anderson’s Stan Lee Museum, a pop-up exhibition he’s operated for seven years on the Comic-Con circuit.

Around the time of the Rancho Cucamonga heist, an Iron Man suit reportedly valued at $325,000 was plundered from another storage unit, this one 60 miles away in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Pacoima. LAPD detectives are still attempting to solve that case. It’s unclear whether there’s a link.

This is an old sort of crime – art heist, but with a modern veneer.

The fan base of all these films and odd eccentric collectors probably like the idea of collecting these suits and accessories.

I suppose I can understand the appeal.

I wouldn’t mind having Bane’s jacket – but that’s not Marvel, I know I know.

Sleek, warm and versatile

Otherwise, it does seem a little childish.

But come to think of it, I myself wouldn’t mind having a Batman suit either.

I mean, it’s not exactly fine art, but it’s definitely something that you can bring up and show to your casual acquaintances when they come over for evening wine or whatever the fuck normie thirty-somethings do.

Two hundred years ago, you’d show off some fine art, but now you could honestly get a better reaction by showing off a Batman suit. It comes off as less pretentious I would imagine.

Is that what these thieves intend to do with the stuff, assuming that they’re not going to fence it off?

Say they do fence it off, will the buyer then host wine parties and show this stuff off? Or does he think that he’s like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark because he’s rich and feels like he still hasn’t found his calling in life? Will he just put it in a separate room and occasionally sit opposite the suit and wonder to himself…I wonder if I could…

I open the floor to debate on this one.

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