South America: “Noble Savages” Sacrificed their Own Children to Appease Weather Demons

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2018

Sometimes, you need to kill your children to safeguard their future.

One thing I’ve noticed about boomer hippies, is that they just love the native Americans. “They’re so much more connected with nature,” they’ll say. “So wise, so peaceful.”

They’ll even shed a tear for the environment.

Sure, they had some quaint cultural practices, like scalping the occasional nigga with stone knives.


But that only adds to the charm.

Well, now we have some new archeological research that sheds additional light on the vibrant culture of natives in south America, and shockingly, it has a lot in common with boomer culture.

Yes, like the boomers, these noble savages sacrificed their own children for their convenience – or maybe simply because it was trendy at the time.

Washington Post:

Archaeologists in northern Peru say they have found evidence of what could be the world’s largest single case of child sacrifice.

The pre-Columbian burial site, known as Las Llamas, contains the skeletons of 140 children who were between the ages of five and 14 when they were ritually sacrificed during a ceremony about 550 years ago, experts who led the excavation told The Associated Press on Friday.

The site, located near the modern day city of Trujillo, also contained the remains of 200 young llamas apparently sacrificed on the same day.

The burial site was apparently built by the ancient Chimu empire. It is thought the children were sacrificed as floods caused by the El Nino weather pattern ravaged the Peruvian coastline.

Makes sense.

“They were possibly offering the gods the most important thing they had as a society, and the most important thing is children because they represent the future,” said Gabriel Prieto, an archaeology professor at Peru’s National University of Trujillo, who has led the excavation, along with John Verano of Tulane University.

“Llamas were also very important because these people had no other beasts of burden, they were a fundamental part of the economy,” Prieto said, adding that the children were buried facing the sea, while the Llamas faced the Andes Mountains to the east.

Yeah, wow, great idea. Killing your kids to prevent bad weather seems like a really solid trade there.

Look, the ancient Greeks and Romans also did sacrifices to please the gods. But they only sacrificed, like, wheat, wine and animals. And when they killed their animals, they tended to eat them in a big barbecue afterwards.

This ridiculous mass slaughter of your own people doesn’t follow from paganism or the concept of sacrifices.

These people just enjoyed killing. Just like they do now.

If you want to understand the psychology of these Indios beaners, just look at their ancestors. Pure demonic blood-crazed nut-jobs.

Excavation work at the burial site started in 2011, but news of the findings was first published on Thursday by National Geographic, which helped finance the investigation.

Prieto said researchers did not find just bones at the site but also footprints that have survived rain and erosion. The small footprints indicate the children were marched to their deaths from Chan Chan, an ancient city a mile away from Las Llamas, he said.

Verano said the children’s skeletons contained lesions on their breastbones, which were probably made by a ceremonial knife. Dislocated ribcages suggest that whoever was performing the sacrifices may have been trying to extract the children’s hearts.

Again, this obsession with violently slaughtering people as a “sacrifice” isn’t related to pagan religion in general. It’s a sick perversion specific to these native Americans. In Greek religion, the concept of human sacrifice did exist (it’s present in some Greek myths), there’s no evidence that this was commonly practiced or tolerated.

Letting these same exact people invade America by the millions means literally opening the gates of hell on our entire civilization. Our existence simply isn’t compatible with these alien people.

While the beaners are currently sacrificing their kids under the guise of cartel executions, don’t be surprised if pyramids start popping up in your neighborhoods where hearts get torn out of chests 24/7 sometime in the near future.

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