South African Negro Kills Sister’s Children, Planned to Sell Their Ears to Witch Doctor

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
March 30, 2018

Imagine being a black African.

Imagine being told that a local witch doctor has learned how to create a magical potion that transforms black people into white people. Just think of the benefits such a transformation would bring you: mo’ money, mo’ smarts, you ain’t even be looking like an ape no mo’!

To create this amazing elixir, the witch doctor needs a few simple ingredients: lavender, blueberries, a gallon of water and a bunch of severed ears.

Well, the first three ingredients are easy to find… though that water can be a slippery rascal. Placing a waste basket underneath a running tap and waiting for it to fill up just seems to take forever, you know?

But ears? Don’t people be needing them and shit?

Ah, who cares, you need them more. The real question is: who will be the unlucky victims?

Will it be a bunch of random blacks living in the surrounding wilderness, whom you can butcher in the dead of night and leave no evidence that could lead back to you?

Nah, too cautious.

Hmm, here’s an idea: you could put out a life insurance policy on your nieces and nephews, then kill them shortly afterwards for their precious ears!

Ha! No one will suspect a thing!


A judge in South Africa sentenced a man to four life sentences in prison on Tuesday for the murder of his nieces and nephews – whose ears, he confessed, he planned to sell at a high price to a witch doctor for use in potions.


In South Africa, 32-year-old Ben Zimele Mbhele pleaded guilty to killing his two nieces and two nephews, aged between four and 12, last year after meeting a man who told him that the children’s ears would sell at a high price to a witch doctor that he knew. Mbhele reportedly told police initially that he had to kill the children because they “were haunting him and that it was a satanic act,” according to South Africa’s the Times. His story changed when the court found that Mbhele took out a life insurance policy on the four children shortly before they were found dead, and collected 60,000 South African rand (about $5,000) total on the four children.

So yeah, pretty shocking stuff.

Not the part about the ears and witch doctors – that’s expected of niggers.

I’m talking about the fact that South Africa, which is around 6% white at this point, still has operational courtrooms, printing houses and insurance offices at all.

Like, are the descendants of cannibals in these buildings, masquerading as judges, journalists and insurance salesmen? Wearing human clothes and speaking words that don’t end in vowels?

Well I’ll be damned…


*serious mode activated*

Let’s remember something important here.

Niggers like Ben Zimele Mbhele are exactly the kind of creatures that Jews are importing into white countries on a massive scale. Murderers, rapists, voodoo practitioners… the darker and more barbaric, the better.

Just think of how vicious and hateful these kikes must be to inflict blacks on whites. To open our countries (including South Africa) to these violent apes with the expressed desire that they commit the same acts of savagery on our children that Ben Zimele Mbhele committed on his sister’s children.

What is the appropriate fate for a race that does such a thing?

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