South African ANC Leader Race-Shames Blacks Into Not Voting For White Devil Politicians

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2019

The incredible thing about South Africa is how it still manages to chug along, despite all the factors pulling it down.

With just a few hundred thousand White managers, the country is still able to almost hold on and gracefully spiral into crime and poverty without the blood-soaked race war that everyone expected.


A leading member of South Africa’s ruling party has stirred controversy as he called on the country’s black population not to vote for white candidates. RT has asked a local politician and activist to weigh in.

With even members of his own party condemning the decision to “campaign along race lines,” the pressure is mounting against African National Congress secretary-general Ace Magashule. He has already found himself at the wrong end of a number of corruption scandals and has now been slammed for his “racist” remark.

To this day, most Whites in South Africa still hope that there’s a chance for peace and multiculturalism to flourish as long as the extremists like Ace “Pet Detective” Magashule are kept out of power. These people are chumps and cucks and will never start the RaHoWa that everyone is hoping for. I always used to feel pity for South Africans and their plight, but as I learned more about the situation, my feelings quickly turned to revulsion.

Self-described “disillusioned left wing South African” Helen Heldenmuth sees this outlook is destructive, and not the opinion of the majority. Having been arrested for raising black children during apartheid, she believes that the solution has to move beyond black and white. According to her, comments like Magashule’s don’t help to “mend” the damage from the past, and only serve to further divide society along racial lines.

South Africa has it’s uses though I suppose.

Whenever anyone in the extended West says that racism can’t be ever done to White people, everyone can just point to South Africa and make a smug face.

A small consolation, perhaps. But it’s something.

We aren’t getting anything else out of South Africa anytime soon, that’s for sure.

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