Some South Carolina Killings Which did Not Trigger an International Media Storm

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2015


The implication of “Black Lives Matter” is that White lives do not.

And indeed, the international media storm around the Roof shootings has proved that to the Jew-run media, Black lives matter a whole lot more than White lives.

None of these killings triggered national, let alone international, media coverage.

76-Year-Old White Woman Killed in Shootout with Blacks Trying to Steal Her Bingo Money

Black Druggies Charged With Murdering Missing White Teenager

Black Charged With Raping and Strangling 7-Year-Old to Death

Black Thief Arrested and Charged with Death of White Housemate

Feral Black Spits at Prosecutor on Guilty Verdict for Murder of Elderly White Woman

White Couple Found Shot to Death, Black Couple Charged with Their Murder

Black Shooter Arrested for Murdering White Man Who Asked Him to Stop Firing His Gun

Black Habitual Criminal Runs Over and Kills 71-Year-Old Nun

White Man Murdered While Doing a Drug Deal with Blacks

Notorious Black Snake Gets 40 Years for Murdering White Man Over Drugs

Black Pleads Guilty to Smothering 87-Year-Old Retired White School Teacher

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