Socialist Venezuela Without Power, Blames Prosperous High-GDP West for Their Problems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2019

The SOCIALIST leader of Venezuela is blaming America for his country’s power outages. Because of course, the fault can’t be with that perfect system of SOCIALISM.

But even if the Trump Administration did hack their power grid to sabotage the country, they only did it because they are working to stop SOCIALISM.


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has approved a 30-day plan to ration power across Venezuela until its power grid is restored. Caracas blames US-backed sabotage for crippling power outages that have led to water shortages.

Maduro announced the measure on Sunday, as the Latin American country was struck by yet another wave of blackouts. By capping the energy supply, the government hopes to “balance the [power] generation process, secure the transmission process as well as service and consumption processes across the country,” he said.

Emphasis has been placed on making sure that all residents have access to fresh water, he said. Maduro said that he expects school classes, called off in the wake of a major incident at the biggest hydroelectric power plant last week, to resume either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Earlier on Sunday, the government said that in addition to having schoolchildren stay at home for few more days, it is establishing an early work day that should end by 2:00pm. The latest massive outage last Monday saw Venezuelans cramming into overcrowded buses as they took off to get home in the evening.

Maduro has tried to export his socialist agenda to America – and it is working.

While the media is focused on Russia hacking elections, they have yet to point out that many elections have been hacked by SOCIALISTS and now we have an entire congress of SOCIALISM.

The evidence indicates that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are working directly with Venezuelan and Cuban socialists, who are linked directly to Islamic extremists.

I never thought I’d say this, but having seen the secret evidence in an email someone from the Trump Administration sent me last night, I now realize that John Bolton is right, and the only way to stop the creeping socialist agenda is to launch a full scale war in South America.

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  1. On april 1st 2019 you just have to publish mainstream media news to make jokes.
    This is how White people actually think.

  2. This is all a hoax. Greasy Guido is a hologram. This hoax is a Capstone Event arranged by DHS in cahoots with the actors from Sandy Hook, Eric Holder, and Chairman Mao’s secret son, a Rothschild Lizard Shape-shifting Jew who ran Sandy Hook in order to prepare the USA and the world for the Communist Chinese to invade the USA using our Nazy to ferry the Red Chinese to the West coast under the pretense of a UN (commie run) peace keeping mission all orchestrated by Communist operatives embedded deep inside the us Nazy and the Globalist Chinese run Deep State in Washington.

    This is all being done to bring in the Noahide Laws. China will run the NWO because behind the curtain the hook nosed race is really in control of China. They already moved all their industry and money to their new base in Red China to rule the world from.

    There are commenter on this site who think like this. See the Sandy Hook thread and Reynolds and Uncle Creeper.

  3. I’m still not too sure about this socialism thing.

    If only we could…I dunno, mix it with nationalism or something

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