Smash Hit Game “SCUM” Contained 1488 Tattoo

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2018

Pretty sweet ink there, buddy.

Once again, we see a pattern forming: totally cucked, cowardly American game companies vs. based Slavic ones who just dgaf.

SCUM was developed entirely in Croatia, by the same studios behind the awesome Serious Sam series.

Yeah, I’m pretty pumped for SS4 – and you should be, too.

They put a Nazi 1488 tattoo in their latest game, and when the defectives started playing their symphony of whining, they just told them to get bent.

Unfortunately, their American publisher wasn’t imbued with the same testicular fortitude.


In the short time since its release, survival game SCUM has caught players’ eyes for its ludicrous attention to detail, its slapstick antics, and—in the grand tradition of survival games like Ark: Survival Evolved—diarrhea. It’s already sold over 250,000 copies. Yesterday, though, the game caught players off guard in a far less fun way when they discovered they could put a Nazi tattoo on their avatars.

It looks like a pretty good game. Croteam continued their tradition of not being greedy, and only charge $20 for it, too.

That’s the first review video I saw… But the view count convinced me that the heavens support this game 100%.

A good omen, indeed.

The tattoo, which players could unlock if they purchased the SCUM supporter pack, prominently featured the numbers 14 and 88.


Only for their greatest supporters.

Both are white supremacist dog whistles: 14 refers to 14-word statement “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,” and 8 refers to H—the eighth letter of the alphabet—so repeating it twice gets you HH, meant to stand for “Heil Hitler.” Discussion and outcry against the symbols circulated on social media yesterday, and today, those symbols got quietly removed from the game.

Of course, that’s what the communists at Kotaku are focusing on – their triumphant victory in tone-policing the world of vidya.

But there’s actually more to this story.

Initially, one of the game’s developers—both Gamepires and Croteam are credited with having worked on it—dismissed players’ criticism of the tattoo. In response to a Steam thread criticizing the tattoo’s inclusion (via PC Gamer), Croteam incubator marketing and community manager Zenoslaf told players: “It’s a game. It’s fiction. If you are offended by some textures in the game, please don’t play the game. Because if we start removing things that hurt someone’s feelings, it will be an empty game, with no people, no weapons, no blood, no humor, no pooping, killing others, eating human flesh, killing animals.”

They basically told SJWs to go fuck themselves.

Based on this response, it’s very unlikely that the devs themselves actually went on to remove the tattoo on their own initiative.

The tattoo and its symbols reference a very real, non-fictional group that killed millions of people last century, and which has also had a recent resurgence. These specific symbols are still in use by current-day neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups; participants in the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, for example, handed out flyers referring to the numbers “14” and “88.”

Nobody gives a shit, kikes.

Zenoslaf went on to note that the game’s developers are not “right wing” or “Nazi supporters,” asserting that actually, “only offending thing here, in my opinion, is calling us Nazi supporters for no reason.”

Earlier today, the tattoo’s Nazi imagery did get patched out of the game. Both publisher Devolver and developer Gamepires issued statements to Kotaku on the matter.

“Devolver Digital has become aware of tattoos representing neo-Nazi symbology in the newly released prison survival simulation game SCUM,” said Devolver. “We do not agree with use of this symbology or any hateful content, regardless of intention.” Devolver is now “conducting a full review of all assets and content in the game with Gamepires.”

So what happened was that Devolver Digital, an American publisher, put pressure on the Crotatian devs to remove the tattoo.

Devolver is largely a publisher of somewhat edgy indie games.

But apparently, even this company has been infiltrated by commie faggots and they had to cave on this issue.

Gamepires, meanwhile, explained the rationale behind the tattoo’s inclusion, but it has now come to the conclusion that it was “completely unnecessary” to have included the imagery.

“Our intention was to create an atmosphere of the worst of the worst criminals in SCUM, and to portray the horrible type of people who would find themselves in a ‘fight to the death’ situation for a futuristic reality show where the worst criminals are pitted against one another,” Gamepires wrote.

Whatever – they put the tattoo there to be edgy, just like the rest of the game is edgy and over-the-top. They obviously modeled their skins on prison tattoos. Nobody sane gives a damn – the only people whining are the usual suspects: trannies, furries and other degenerates.




Communist furry tranny.

It’s about time that companies who care about making money stop catering to this tiny minority of vocal nutjobs. Metokur made exactly this point last week.

Look at any thread whining about some SJW bullshit in video games, and it’s all just furries.

Obviously, anything coming out of the mouth of a furry should be immediately ignored. And then they should be treated like the sick puppies that they are.

You can’t have human rights if you’re not human, right?

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