Smarmy Little Cuckface Paul Jewsef Watstein Attacks Richard Spencer!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2017

If I were to try to list all of the reasons that I hate Paul Joseph Watson, I would have to take the rest of the day off.

So we’ll skip the list, and I’ll just say that he’s a smarmy, annoying, effeminate, spineless and disingenuous fag-boy. He claims to have a gook wife, but no one has ever seen this gook and he is constantly hanging out with faggots – so whatever. Gook wife or full-faggot, same basic character.

It looks like he’s going to be the last man standing in the Alt-Cuck, as I believe it’s clear that MILO is headed for a full-on “allahu akbar”-tier self-inflicted disaster in 2017, and Thernovich is basically already down for the count after his Christmas collapse. McInnes never really got much traction in the first place, and he’s kind of backed-off trying to interact with people in recent weeks. I think it had something to do with the backlash he got after Emily went on his show and called him out on accusing me of being a secret agent for hating kikes and loving Hitler.

This Alt-Cuck has started self-identifying as the “New Right” following Richard Spencer’s NPI event, when it became clear that Alt-Right is what is always was: white nationalism. And there is no more room for these parasites to try and leech off of the energy of our brand.

There own brand is problematic, as is the term “new” in their branding. What is “new” about this right? It’s all the old DR3 (Dems r the real racists) and proposition nation gibberish that always made up the cuckservative GOP.

They also put themselves in an awkward position where it’s like “oh we support nationalism, but it isn’t based on race” – but then if you say “yeah but why though? all throughout history nationalism was based on race,” they will respond by calling you a Nazi. They have no other response.

This isn’t really sustainable. They are trying to be edgy, but they are to the left of Donald Trump. I have never once seen Donald Trump run around talking about Nazis. In fact, when actual Nazis mass-messaged that stupid Yulia bitch with lampshade and Auschwitz pictures, he refused to denounce us to the Jew Wolf Blitzer.

These Alt-Cuck people have no convictions or beliefs. These people are trying to use revolutionary energy to make money. And they are working with Jews to accomplish this.

Richard Spencer pointed this out.

And the cuck Watson felt the need to respond.

So yeah, name calling and claims that he’s the real movement.

Watson had no good memes. And all of his good arguments are stolen from us. Watson works for Alex Jones, and when we did that mass trolling (I wish I still had those clips where he flipped out on me), Watson was still talking about kook gibberish like chemtrails and water fluoridation mind control conspiracies. Also crisis actors, 2012 paradigm shift, whole thing.

Everything good that Paul Joseph Watson has done he’s ripped off of us. I have caught him repeatedly rewriting my articles and removing the Jews.

Basically, the conspiracy market was dying, they saw us rising, and wanted in on some of that nationalist market share. And it was sustainable until the Trump win.

This is the most callous, disgusting thing imaginable. Seeing people that genuinely care about changing society, and using them to make money.

The Reshuffle

Things are getting reshuffled in this new political landscape. I’m working on a big article about it for next week, but basically, these “New Right” people have to try be edgy when in actual fact they are supporting the mainstream. So they’re sharing a market share with Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, both of whom are much more talented than any of them.

The only one who is mildly talented is MILO, but no one even understands what it is he is selling, now that Trump has won. Although I think he can keep a decent-sized audience, if he doesn’t implode from all the drugs and scamming and the rest of it, on a type of Alt-Left/Libertarian platform. He’s created enough noise now that he can maneuver into a slightly different platform, keep things light and goofy, focus on homos vs Islam, and be a regular on TV panels indefinitely.

And he’s got a number one selling book.

I think he is savvy enough to understand that he can’t control the mob in the way that Thernovich, McInnes and Watson seem to think they can. So he’s going to attempt to move into the mainstream, which he will probably be successful with if he doesn’t implode.

The rest of these guys though are pretty much doomed.