Slutpocalypse: Monkey “Artist” R. Kelly Accused by Yet Another Chick of Running a Sex Dungeon

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2017

Daaaamn, son, this nigga knows how to keep his bitches on LOCK-DOWN.

This Weinstein situation is turning into a straight-up SLUTPOCALYPSE up in here.

Which is to say, while normal White men have been subject to constant allegations of sexual misconduct for years, this attack is now widening to include powerful Jews, homos, Blacks and other “protected” classes.

In other words, the situation is exactly the same as it was before for us, but now our enemies are finally starting to feel the consequences of their subversive Jew feminist agenda.

Here we have yet another slut piling on and revealing the thot-control methods of well-known negro sex pervert R. Kelly.

Fascinating reading.


Another woman is coming forward with allegations of physical, verbal and sexual abuse that she received from R. Kelly.

Kitti Jones, a former Dallas radio DJ and divorced mother of one, detailed years of her alleged abuse in a new profile for Rolling Stone published on Monday. The report comes just over a month after Jerhoda Pace alleged that she had an underage sexual relationship with the singer while detailing her life as part of Kelly’s alleged “sex cult” during an interview on The Real.

In July BuzzFeed News published a report that alleged Kelly had at least six women live in his Chicago and Georgia properties who allegedly fulfilled his desires and were punished if they break any of his “rules.”

Could we be witnessing the primitive beginnings of “Black sharia?”

Jones – who met Kelly in 2011 – said the singer began to force her to have sex with other women by 2013 and that she couldn’t say no because she was scared of being “punished.”

She also claimed that Kelly “videotapes everything he does” and would sometimes make her watch videos of him with other girls. “He would masturbate to that and then have you give him oral sex while he’s watching what he did with somebody else on his iPad,” she said.

Wow, this negro was actually a Weinstein-tier pervert.

Well, I guess Blacks are like that generally. They’ll consume everything that’s at their disposal. So if you throw enough pussy at them, they’ll just binge until they’re convicted of running a sex dungeon.

According to Jones, Kelly would withhold food from her as punishment for not following his demands, sometimes for as long as two and a half days. In 2013, Jones said she sent a text to her childhood friend LaToya Howard that said, “I feel dizzy” and asked her to bring food since she was left with no money or card and Kelly was not responding.

To be fair, if you don’t starve Black women once in a while, they just balloon up until they become mountains of lard.

This is the result when you withhold appropriate starvation from them.

Kelly was probably just concerned about the health and fitness of his sex slaves. Who could fault him for it?

After contemplating suicide in August 2013, Jones claims she managed to escape that following September by saying she needed to return to Dallas to help her son with school shopping. Two months later, Kelly went to Dallas for a show and invited Jones on his tour bus to retrieve her possessions. When Jones got on the bus, she alleges he attacked her.

Well, to be honest, this is all just normal negro behavior. This is exactly how every Black male treats his women in Africa, that’s for sure. And that’s also exactly how they claim to behave in their own rap songs.

So I don’t really see how this could surprise anyone.

Either way, this wave of accusations and of careers being destroyed is great. Now, the elites will have two choices. Either they allow themselves to be exposed and destroyed by the sluts they paid to molest, or they revert society to a patriarchal order.

Things are going to be very interesting from this point on.