Slow and Steady: Trump Has Built Less Than Two Miles of [Artistic Steel Slats] So Far!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2019

Now I know what you’re thinking.

Less than two miles seems like a very small amount.

But this is the patented Jeb! Bush low-energy approach that will appease the media and get the RINOs in Congress aboard. If the Wall creeps across the border a few inches a month, no one will notice and no one will object and call Trump a racist.

It’s all part of the plan, fam.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection has put up just 1.7 miles of fencing with the US$1.57 billion that Congress appropriated last year for President Donald Trump’s wall along the Mexican border, a federal judge was told.

A lawyer for the U.S. House of Representatives provided the information Tuesday to the judge in Oakland, California, who is weighing requests from 20 state attorneys general and the the Sierra Club to block Trump from using funds not authorized by Congress to build the wall.

“The administration recently provided updated information to Congress on the status of its efforts as of April 30, 2019,” the attorney, Douglas Letter, said in a court filing. “Based on that updated information, it appears that CBP has now constructed 1.7 miles of fencing with its fiscal year 2018 funding.”

That was 3/4 of a mile more than the administration reported at the end of February, Letter said.

The good news is that the Wall was always just a metaphor for WINNING and owning the libs in the minds of his supporters.

Furthermore, anyone who raises an eyebrow is a hater. That’s the new talking point from the White House.

So the money isn’t going towards new walling, it’s going towards updating the old fencing.

Alrighty then.

Yet another smooth redirection and slick reassurance, lest anyone starts to get worried about the direction that MAGA has taken. If anything, the whole Trump experiment was a very instructional exercise in how mass democracy works.

Apparently, most normies don’t really care about what politicians promise – even if they say they do. Results don’t matter, only the rhetoric does.

You’d think it would be the opposite, but Orange Man has even taken it a step further and proven that it doesn’t really matter if you stay consistent or not. You can go from MAGA to whatever it is that we have now – Jewish mass-immigration neocon anti-socialism – and your normie supporters won’t notice.

They’ll just cheer you on anyway.

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  1. Could have covered more than that by just renting some construction fence.

  2. Ok, care providing the real facts? Let me guess, it’s 2.3 miles of renovated fencing.

  3. I don’t care, but if you wanna diss OP, provide substance.

  4. I think the whole “you can lie to the people forever,” bit is a bit oversold. Trumpism is dead. Magatards on Kikebart are not representative of the broader populace, who have in fact tuned out Blormph. He’s dead and everyone knows it.

  5. So how much “wall” has he built? 50 miles? 100 miles? What good will it do when the government policy of dealing with illegal invaders is to coddle them and give them free everything, and now they’re starting a private airline to fly the taco niggers all over the country.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next government just tears down parts of the wall for some ‘muh feelz’ reasons.

  7. Trump’s turned out to be little more than a loud mouthed nigger, and we’ve all figured it out.

  8. No wall just some crappy fence repairs.
    No executive order on Birthright citizenship.
    Troops on the border that are effectively unarmed.
    Boosting the H-1B program.
    Transporting illegals all over the country.
    Destruction of the First Amendment that shouldn’t have even been possible.

    It’s pretty safe to say that we’re not getting anything we voted for.
    And to be perfectly honest I think the demographics to date are enough to ensure that we turning into Brazil in short order.

  9. You’re wasting your breath. This place has gone full Orange man bad on some weird fantasy that the guy reads the material here, is smart enough to become a billionaire, become president but not see through reverse psychology.

    Either that or they’ve gone full Rachel Maddow. Either way it’s becoming less and less a place for anyone who doesn’t like the bad guys.

    Apparently everyone, myself included, believed that a president had more power than they really do and are now very upset about it.

    The difference is I refuse to support a jew or a chink or any democrat for that matter, no matter how great their bullshit sounds.

  10. Im about ready to go ex-pat and retire early in another country, taking my savings and tax productivity with me. America is a fail and a shit hole.

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