Slovakia: Nationalist People’s Party Wins 14 Parliament Seats

Info Stormer
March 7, 2016

The People’s Party – Our Slovakia is a true nationalist party for the people.

Some news out of Slovakia.  In elections, the nationalist People’s Party won 8 percent of the vote netting them 14 seats in the nation’s parliament.

The party is led by Marian Kotleba who was previously elected the head of a regional government office.  The People’s Party is basically Slovakia’s version of Greece’s Golden Dawn.

This indicates that Slovakia is increasingly moving towards nationalism.  Even the mainline parties have been forced to adopt a more hard line stance on this third world invasion that is taking place.

From New York Times:

Most notably, the neo-Nazi People’s Party – Our Slovakia, got 8 percent, or 14 seats.

Party chairman Marian Kotleba was chairman of the banned neo-Nazi Slovak Togetherness-National Party, which organized anti-Roma rallies and expressed sympathy for the Slovak Nazi-puppet state during World War II.

The party says NATO is a terrorist organization and keeps attacking the European Union and Europe’s common currency, the euro, which Slovakia uses.

Kotleba is not a newcomer. In 2013, he was elected the head of a regional government and he once displayed a banner from a window of his office in the central city of Banska Bystrica that read: “Yankees, go home,” and “Stop NATO.”

Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak said that after Kotleba’s success “the perception of Slovakia in Europe will be complicated. We have elected a fascist to Parliament.”

Martin Slosiarik, the head of the Focus polling agency, said those who were voting for Kotleba did it to punish the traditional parties.

“Some 70 percent of his voters are young people and those in the middle age and they apparently expected more from the system,” he said, adding Kotleba offered a “clear and simple message.”