Six New Babies Found to Have Herpes in NYC Jewish Community

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2017

Let’s pretend for one millisecond that a grown man performing fellatio on an infant isn’t exactly what it looks like. What kind of cleric, knowing full well the sensitivities of his duty, would do things off the clock with his mouth that contract STDs to begin with?

I mean, if you knew your job was to suck on infant penises, wouldn’t you keep your mouth pretty clean?

Better yet, how is this practice legal in the supposed NYC nanny state, a place with a 25 mph speed limit where you can’t legally buy a toy gun?

The answer is Jews. Jews run New York, Jews get the last say on everything. Jewry’s servant Mayor Bill De Blasio gets to live in Gracie Mansion with his hideous family in exchange for looking the other way as Rabbis perform sex acts on children.

NY Daily News:

There have been six cases of infant herpes believed to be tied to a controversial ultra-Orthodox Jewish circumcision practice since the de Blasio administration announced a new policy with the community, city health officials said Wednesday.

One unidentified baby was rushed to the hospital 15 days after undergoing the ancient ritual, known as metzitzah b’peh, which involves cleaning the circumcision wound by oral suction.

That’s when the newborn developed a rash on his genitals, buttocks, inner thigh and ankle, according to a city Health Department alert issued to all medical personnel Wednesday morning.

The names of the rabbis involved in the cases — except for two instances — remain a mystery despite the community’s vow to share that information as part of a deal with the de Blasio administration in February 2015.

All cases of neonatal herpes are required to be reported to the Health Department shortly after they occur. In response to each case, health officials used to issue an alert notifying medical practitioners to educate them about the potential hazards of the practice.

Those notifications had stopped during the de Blasio administration until Wednesday.

If it was any other group doing this, including Muslims, Sean Hannity and conservative talk radio would be railing about it for a full week. With good reason.

Yet here we have an ethno-cultural group practicing male genital mutilation (MGM), and then performing blood soaked oral sex on the baby, all under the cover of “religion.” Jews in the media wrung the Catholic Priest pedophile to the last drop, but those were just run of the mill queers preying on 15-year-old altar boys. This one gets a mention in a corner on page 8.

The “ritual” of metzitzah b’peh isn’t even in their Torah, it is from the Talmud. For all their faults, Jews have historically anticipated health issues (such as the potential dangers of pork, hand washing, etc.), yet in Mishnah Shabbat 19:2, a Rabbi blurts out that he likes the idea of putting his mouth on a baby’s genitalia, and cites “sanitation” as the reason.

The mouth is now known to be the dirtiest part of the body, so why are they still doing it?

Because Judaism is a psychological state prompted by a racial predisposition to perversion. The baby-blowing Mohel and secular businessman Ed Savitz may dress different and have different explanations for their deeds, but their genetic nature is the same.