Single Mother Fired for Giving Trump the Finger is Suing Employer

John Chrysostomos
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2018

A woman who gave Trump’s motorcade the middle finger last year and was subsequently fired has finally decided to sue her former employer after months of milking her newfound stardom and even making $100k off of gullible liberals.

The Daily Stormer, as most long-time readers know, is renown for being a free-speech hotspot. We support the Bill of Rights (although we’re not too big on the rest of the amendments – the 13th, 15th, 16th, 19th should all be repealed ASAP).

Daily Mail:

The single mom who was forced to resign from her job after flipping off President Trump’s motorcade is hitting back at her former employer.

Juli Briskman, 50, became a viral sensation after she was snapped giving the finger while riding her bike near her home in Sterling, Virginia in October.

But Briskman’s newfound fame came at a price when her employer, Akima, forced her to resign just days later.

On Wednesday the mother-of-two filed a suit against the government contractor, arguing it had violated Virginia employment law.

So far so good, and up to this point few could have any problem with the spirit of her lawsuit.

‘I filed this lawsuit against my former employer today because I believe that Americans should not be forced to choose between their principles and their paychecks,’ Briskman said in a statement.

Of course, this doesn’t apply in all cases.

If you sought to exercise your freedom of conscience in a way that, before the 1960s, wouldn’t have even raised an eyebrow by refusing to bake cakes celebrating faggotry you will be forced to choose between your principles and paychecks.

‘The actions of my company were swift and unexpected. It is un-American to let the government use your own tax dollars to buy your off-duty obedience.’

Again, this doesn’t apply to Christians. If you want to live with your principles, you will have to fight the government every inch of the way – bearing in mind the government’s money comes from you, the taxpayer.

Briskman’s attorneys are arguing that her gesture is protected by the First Amendment.

The First Amendment also protects an individual’s free exercise of religion, lest we forget.

Gays already had the right to civil partnerships in most states that conferred all of the same benefits as “marriage,” but homos just want to mess with Christians, they get a sadistic thrill from making them squirm.

This woman is attempting to make an argument based on principles that simply do not exist in the American legal system anymore.

I wish they did.

I would gladly allow this stupid bitch to flip off the President and keep her job if it meant Christians weren’t forced to bake the cake, and no one was legally allowed to be fired for marching in Charlottesville.

But that isn’t the reality that we live in.

So I say: fuck her.

None of these liberals stood up for our rights to free speech and free association – in fact, they are the ones who stripped them from us through their aggressive lobbying and threats – then they want to come claiming they have these rights?

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report. 

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