Singapore LIVE: Peace Document Signed! BOLTON LOSES!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2018

3:27 AM EST

Trump press conference coming up.

Gonna be on my new favorite gaynigger’s stream. This gaynigger – his name is “Vlad” – is shittalking this kike Stone Fish.

Anyway, should be on in a couple minutes here. I’ll post the full video when it’s over.

Why is this gaynigger named “Vlad”? Who is this gaynigger? He is like a quadroon. What is this show even? Is it a CBS show or is it just their YouTube channel? Why is this homosexual quadroon defending Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un against these Jews?

Weird thing.

3:07 AM EST

Kim left Singapore.

Trump and Kim are now BFF.

Kim will be coming to Washington.

A Nobel will be given. The world will be forced to render under Trump.

This is all so beautiful. I’ve got a tear in my eye. One of my grandfathers went to that stupid goddamn war. My grandma always said it ruined him.

The biggest deal here: Trump now has that much more power to act on foreign policy. To do things the way he wants to do them.

The kike media is whining, saying this is all nothing, blah blah blah, Trump is friends with a dictator now, pure evil, dictator dictator dictator. Honestly, I think all that shit about death camps and so on is atrocity propaganda. None of it has ever been proven. But who gives a shit? Whose problem is that? It’s not mine.

Trump won BIG here, and this is going to get these kikes off his back to a large extent. They can try to weasel around that, okay, sure, whatever. But the deal is signed and the friendship has been forged and the process will begin and it will be successful.

Now all that’s left is to fire John Bolton, ally with Russia and invade Europe and depose the brutal dictator Angela Merkel. And invade Canada, Mexico, etc.

Kim has a million man army – they can help us invade Europe too. Maybe this guy does build death camps – we’re going to need them in Europe for all of these brown people and kikes.

2:45 AM EST

An official statement has been signed.



Here’s a high res photo you can click to enlarge.

See, I wasn’t even hoping for that.

You really gotta realize that Kim has a great voice. He’s gotta be nervous. Holds himself very well.

Basically, they’ve agreed to a commitment of protection of the Kim Regime in exchange for disarmament.





12:11 AM EST

Here’s the lunch menu, in case you were wondering about that one.

11:56 PM EST

Lunch is starting.

This gaynigger on CBS (stream just below) is actually acting like a normal person. I mean, you switch from CNN with Kike Tapper their resident gaynigger to this gaynigger (I don’t even know who he is). But he’s acting way normal compared to the irate kikes on CNN.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched CBS News, ever.

He has some kike on there named “Stone Fish” who is saying now that the reason Kim doesn’t want to reunite with the South is that he wants to keep racial purity. The Jew Stone Fish claims the South is racemixing with the Japanese. Of course a Jew would think up that narrative. I think North Korea has put out propaganda saying that South Korean women are fucking niggers (they are for sure racist and constantly talking about the purity of the race), but I’m certain that the race-mixing numbers in South Korea are a fraction of a fraction of a percentage. I don’t think that’s a major concern of Kim – I think he is mostly just concerned about getting invaded and bombed.

But again – very interesting that this Jew would bring something like that up, no?

I’m going to start watching CBS more often. CNN has just gotten too cartoonish to even tolerate.

10:49 PM EST

Okay well, this is all behind door right now. They’re having a lunch soon. Fox 10 stream ended, CBS has the main stream now.

They’ll have the lunch thing which I think is coming up in a few minutes.

It’s about lunch time in Singapore.

9:57 PM EST

Okay well.

They’re having the group meeting now.

And Bolton is in the room, though he’s way at the end of the table.

I’m very disappointed to see Bolton at the table.

9:39 PM EST

So they’re having a secret meeting now, 1-on-1, that will probably last a little bit I would think.

9:20 PM EST

The handshake has happened.

It’s almost too late for Bolton to screw the earth on this one.

I kinda thought Kim would be shorter. Trump is a big guy.

Here’s the Fox 10 stream:

Right now it’s neocons saying that we should invade North Korea.

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