Shuttening: Top Alt-Right Tweeter Ricky Vaughn Banned!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2016


The number one Alt-Right twitter personality, Rick Vaughn (@Ricky_Vaughn99) has just been suspended.


This is a little bit shocking. I mean, we knew it was coming.

But it’s actually here.

It’s happening.

Ricky Vaughn had 62 thousand followers, which is more than most major political pundits who make regular TV appearances. In February, MIT did a study listing the top 150 influencers of the Presidential election, and Ricky was ranked at #107.

BREAKING UPDATE: Daily Stormer has confirmed that Ricky Vaughn’s new Facebook page is authentically him.

This is very different than banning M.I.L.O., who was at least accused of leading a lynch mob against a nasty gorilla (as much as I hate the kike, the accusation was false, but at least they made an accusation).

Perhaps this was done in response to my accusation that M.I.L.O. was suspended as part of a Jewish plot to make him more popular, and also protect him from the trollstorm he would presently be under after having announced that the Alt-Right was not a racist movement and trying to co-opt it for Jewish purposes.

Or – and this is much more likely, the above possibility being not very likely at all – it could be connected to the buyout negotiations Twitter is involved in with both Google and Disney. Presumably either of these Jewish companies would get a lot more hardcore on censorship than Twitter has been so far, but they certainly don’t want to spend billions on a company that is just going to collapse. So maybe part of negotiations was “ban one of these anti-Semitic and racist Trump supporters so we can see what happens.”

I don’t really see how it couldn’t be connected to the deal, given that it’s due to be announced next week.

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There was a time when Disney wasn’t kiked. Hitler screened Snow White in his private theater.

One things for sure: this is the beginning of a purge. You’re all getting ethnically cleansed from Twitter, because the Jews have demanded it.

But of course, there will be backlash.

Oh yes.