Shockingly, The Royal Sheboon is a Complete Cunt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2019

This is surprising to me.

I would have figured this irate sheboon was very well-behaved and polite.

The royal family must be shocked that she is acting like a total nigger.

Page Six:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are off to a rough start with their new neighbors.

Handlers warned people living near the royal couple not to talk to the pair, pet their dogs or ask about baby Archie, among other “over the top” rules, according to a report.

Locals at the couple’s Frogmore Cottage home on the Windsor estate are also prohibited from offering neighborly favors, such as babysitting or dogwalking, The Sun reported.

Pleasantries — specifically “good morning” — are banned, and commoners are forbidden from placing letters in the royal mailbox.

“It’s extraordinary. We’ve never heard anything like it. Everyone who lives on the estate works for the royals and knows how to behave respectfully,” one resident scoffed. “We aren’t told how to behave around the Queen like this. She’s very happy for people to greet her.”

“An overly protective palace official” issued the royal commandments at a recent meeting for residents, The Sun reported. It’s unclear how locals who break the rules will be punished.

“The Queen always chats to neighbors and even has tea with people on the estate as she’s very friendly with them,” a neighbor told The Sun. “Maybe Harry doesn’t want people approaching them and using their dogs as an excuse to talk. And of course the dog with no name keeps its privacy as they won’t tell us its name!”

That bitch she don’t want they be all up in she grill.

Dem white people be all be say her shit, she ain’t got time. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

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  1. The reason this is so shocking is that no one could have predicted this.

  2. I’ve grown to hate the British.

  3. But we wuz Royalz n sheeit!

    Goes to show:
    Quadroon, octoroon
    Still just a dirty coon

  4. G-Man says:

    Handlers warned people living near the royal couple not to talk to the pair

    Never has that term been more apt

  5. There’s never been a more true adage: Niggers build Africa wherever they go…

    I thought about placing this comment in the article about Baltimore, MD, however I think it fits here just as easily…

  6. Anyone wishing to converse with a mulatto strumpet deserves to be rebuffed.

  7. I would very much like to see a DNA test on Archie. Who do they think they are fooling?

  8. They’re just a bunch of illegitimate protestant peasants anyway. The real throne belongs to the Jacobite lineage. The current heir is Franz, Duke of Bavaria.

  9. Gee, before her, he seemed like one of the most affable, approachable royals .

  10. To be more precise, her elevation to royal status has inflated her basic black bitch’s narcissicism to galactic proportions. Now she’s a XX-chromosome Idi Amin, which is what all of them become when they’re given power at any scale.

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